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A Writer’s work is never done

So this is going to be short one because it’s late but I really wanted to share this with everyone!

I’ve been inspired to redesign my elemental passions series…again. But I really think this will be the last time!

Take a look at what you can do with a few hours of time and an out of action wrist!

A brand new cover!!

So what does everyone think?

Which one is better? My new cover or the old one?


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Seared by Desire – Alternative Plot 2

Well this isn’t an outcome I think anyone wanted but I’ve been warning all along. The signs were there as clear as day. I’m sorry to say but your people let you burn to death.

You do manage to take a great deal of your people’s enemies with you but in the end. Seraphina takes your life. You’ve done it. You’ve reached the end of the line.

So you followed the alternative storyline and ended up here. I hope you enjoyed the hop and have fun over at the next destination, the amazing Kay!!!


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Seared by Desire – Alternative Plot

So you decided to stay and do good by your people……
I don’t really think you thought this out very well.

Fire elementals are brutal and blood thirsty. They let nothing come between them and their goal. Maybe if you were dealing with the peace loving water elementals this would have been a wise idea for you but you weren’t lucky enough to have been born to a different breed.

Your people are warmongers and you have become a very useful weapon in their arsenal. For trying to do the right thing you get tied up and drugged!!

I’m guessing this isn’t the outcome most people would be looking forward to but you never know, there are people out there that are willing to die for a cause. You might be one of them. Are you willing to do that? Do you have this level of commitment to your people? You’ve come this far after all, are you ready to die? Or do you  think you have other options open to you?

So what are you going to do?

Are you going to:

Stay Loyal to your people?

Break free? 

The choice is yours. Get clicking.


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Plagiarism…For those who lack imagination

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery”

Whoever said these words clearly has never been the victim of literary plagiarism because trust me when I say plagiarism isn’t flattering.

I hate to say it but I’m a bit of an expert of plagiarism…that sounds very big headed so let me explain.

When I first started writing seriously I posted my work out into the great wide world of the internet for no other reason than I wanted to know what other people thought of my work. That single decision proved to be the best one I’ve ever made because while I’d been a writer for many years I had never ever completed a single project. Don’t get me wrong…I had lots of ideas and that was the problem. I had lots of ideas all vying for attention and I made the mistake of trying to do them all at the same time. I’d start one book, get an idea for another, try to write both at the same time and fail miserably. One book would win over the other and the first would get left behind, unfinished.

The thing I discovered when writing for an audience was feedback. Consistent feedback is addictive and it motivated me to get the next chapter written and the one after that etc. With an audience waiting for the story to be completed I never allowed other ideas to take root until the story was complete. Because of posting on the internet I managed to complete not one but three stories. It was amazing.

BUT as every writer knows you can’t have a good story without conflict and it came for me in the form of plagiarism. Copy and paste, the basic tools for anyone who wants the credit for writing but can’t do it using their own skills.

Even now, thinking about it makes my blood boil.

Let me take you through the journey that made me an expert in plagiarism.

Case 1 – August 2010

This was the first case of plagiarism but not the most shocking. One of my readers said that she’d seen my story posted elsewhere and my stomach dropped. There was a moment where I thought that she’d made a mistake, a small glimmer of hope. No one wants to be told their work has been stolen after all but the instant I clicked the link I knew she’d been telling the truth. There it was for all to see, my work under someone else’s name! The thing that annoyed me most about this incident was that the plagiariser couldn’t actually spell the main character’s name correctly. Wherever she hadn’t been able to copy and paste, Tobias became Tobais….Very annoying. My work was removed and I thought that would be the end of it. Wrong!!

Case 2 – December 2010

This was by far the WORST incident of plagiarism I’ve ever seen in my life. This person stole from 8 authors including me! Disgusting. She was a little bit better in her attempt to hide her plagiarism. She at least changed the title. If the fact that she’d stolen the work wasn’t bad enough, the fan base she’d developed from passing off other writers works as her own actually had the audacity to tell us we were in the wrong for wanting her to remove the work! I couldn’t believe that people were asking me to justify myself. There were pages and pages of people commenting that myself and the other 7 authors should leave her in peace so that she could finish the stories she was posting! I had to develop a plagiarism template because of that case. Eventually after a few days of arguing with the site administrators her account was removed but because of the reaction I received I decided that if it ever happened again my days of posting my work on the internet would be at an end.

Case 3 – May 2011

And you’ve guessed it, despite all the copyright warnings and me explicitly stating that the third time would be the last straw it happened again! This person turned my work into a Twilight fanfiction by using find and replace to change the character names. She was also the only plagiariser to ever come forward and apologise. Her excuse was that she wanted credit. It’s nice that she said she was sorry but it was also the final straw.


No more Miss Nice Author. Though it hurt to remove my work from a site that had been so good to me and in essence helped me develop into the writer I am today I can’t bare the thought of someone taking my work as theirs again. When you write a series that’s as long and in depth as my Love Bites Trilogy, you’ve spent months of time of doing nothing but thinking about your characters and writing. With each book being at least 100,000 words long it took me on average 9 months to complete each of them. I could have had a child in the time that it took me to write those novels! But still…It was because of the writing community on that first website that I was able to even finish the books and so I want to give something back!

My birthday is on the 6th July and to celebrate I’m giving away a free copy of one of my books to everyone who wants one!!

Now the important question is this….Which book should be given away? That I’ll leave up to you. Give me your opinion in the poll and I’ll get right on sorting it out!


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Blog hop winners!!!!

So I’m away from my desk at the moment and am using my phone to reach out to you guys. Just wanted to make sure the winners were announced today. So without further ado…..drum roll please…..

First place: Krystal Larson!!!
Runner ups:
– June M.
– Gabby
– Hayley Cyrus

If you didn’t win this time then don’t worry we’re having another blog hop in July so fingers crossed…

To our lucky winners please contact me and let me know what books you want. All the blurbs are up on my blog!!! I really hope you enjoy the books and if you want to give me a review it’s very much appreciated!

Until next time many hugs and happy reading. You guys are awesome.

P.s. Leave me a comment on my blog telling me what book you want!

Deadline for collection of the prizes is the 26th June!!


A Question of Cover Art

– ‘Never Judge a book by it’s cover’

No matter how many times people hear this quote it isn’t going to stop them from doing the exact opposite. Images matter and no one will be able to convince me otherwise. Having a decent cover for your book is paramount in the world of self publishing where your book has to essentially sell itself. Now while I’m relatively happy with the work I’ve done for my Love Bites series I’m constantly working on finding something good enough for my Elemental Passions Series.

Choosing the cover to your book is not nearly as easy as I once thought it was.

To save myself from tearing my hair out I need help. Any help! I’ve redesigned

them until my eyes have gone funny so now I’m asking for outside opinions.

Which do you prefer?

Seared By Desire

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Best review ever!!!!

As a writer, reviews always make me smile but I received one today on Amazon that made me beam from ear to ear!! It’s so awesome that I just have to share it with the world. Here goes!!

“Instead of submitting a review for just this book, I’d like to submit a review for the entire series. The whole entire wolf series by this author is a MUST read. If you’re tired of reading about the “damsel in distress” and all that nonsense gibberish that plagues supernatural books today, you definitely need to start reading books by Jennifer Alli in general.

She has crafted a world of her own that in itself is very alluring in the sense that you just want to know more about everyone! Even the minor characters are interesting in their own way, and everyone in this series has a story to tell (which is probably why the author has written so many books about different characters all under the same series). If you’re new to this series, you’re definitely in luck because the author has completed this series and you won’t have to wait for any other books..where as I had to wait for weekly updates from the author for chapters. It was torture in the best sense of the word.

The author’s words are very fluid and her style of writing in general makes a smooth read. The stories span out with a relatively even pace, and you will never feel as if it too fast nor too slow. Maybe too slow in the sense that you’ll be dying to turn the next page. The author has such a great way with words and has mastered the craft of not only story-telling, but of creating different and all complex characters.

The reader will never feel as if the characters are flat, as they all seem to develop individually in the stories. I believe the author also does a great job of tying up things nicely at the end of book–as many authors sometimes leave a few ends untied and open for question. However, at the end of reading any of the books in this series, you will not feel out of the loop or as if things were left up in the air. My favorite from this series definitely has to be Ryan and Chloe’s story: “A Wolf’s Pride.” I also recommend the Elemental Series from this same author, which is still incomplete but the first two books are done.

I don’t know what I will do with myself when this author runs out of creative energy..I hope it never happens.”

Yup, I couldn’t ask for more!!


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