…and so it begins.

08 Jun

Well this is my first ever blog, I know, it shouldn’t even be possible in this day and age but here I am. A woman of the modern age who’s never blogged before.

Enough about my non-existent blogging skills, let’s get down to business. Writing.

I’m a writer and proud….when I say it like that it sounds like writing is some sort of addiction but in a way I guess it is. I’ve definitely come down with a case of it, despite all advise to the contrary I can’t stop even though I’m well on my way to developing repetitive strain injury….

I’m not going to let a little thing like that stop me! Well actually I am, my wrist is starting to ache so I need to find my brace but I’ll be back and then I can let write more about what I actually write.

If you don’t like paranormal romance then you should probably turn away now because there’s going to be lots of it coming…

Love Bites – A Wolf’s Duty
Love Bites – A Wolf’s Oath
Love Bites – A Wolf’s Pride

Elemental Passions – Seared by Desire
Elemental Passions – Rocked by Passion

If you care to follow me over on twitter, I can be found at: @Jennyt82_

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