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The end of an Era….Farewell Fictionpress…..

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster with more ups and downs than I thought possible! It’s a good thing I’m already ‘mad as a hatter’ because if I weren’t author crazy already I’d have been making my way down that path by now. It all started with a blog post, one that I wrote myself so I have no one to blame but me for my current suffering.

I blame it all on ‘Serialisation? Seriously?’

I’m probably not making much sense right now so let me explain.

Every writer has a beginning but to be honest it wasn’t the beginning that was important for me, it was the middle. In the beginning I, like many other authors, wrote in school and all the way through college into university. The problem I had in the beginning was that I could NEVER finish anything!! I had so many ideas and I thought they all deserved a chance to become a book and so I tried to write more than one thing at a time and never finished anything! Very frustrating but then the middle came.

What was the middle I hear you ask. The middle was the internet and a site called fictionpress. It was on this site that I started to write for an audience that wasn’t just myself and the few select friends that I allowed to read my work, I was able to put my work out there on a global scale for critique and I got it. I found that people actually enjoyed my work! It was a very heady sensation to put it mildly and when I had people requesting more I was spurred into action. I hated reading stories that were fantastic only for the author to leave it incomplete and I vowed never to be a writer like that and I wasn’t. I wrote a chapter every week and without fail made it available on a Monday morning. I became well known for being so on time. The only time I didn’t manage to put something online was when there was no internet in my house. I remember getting a message on my phone from a reader who thought I’d died or something because I didn’t update for two weeks!

I’m getting sidetracked! Let me get to the point….the blog post, Serialisation? Seriously?, got two very important responses, read on!

Post one from fictionpress reader:

Subject: Your books

I was reading your blog and you were talking about serialization and that somehow got me thinking of something completely unrelated. If you were to complete a story before posting it on fiction press and make the complete story available for purchase while simultaneously posting chapters week by week, your sales will most likely increase by a lot, because impatient people like me will want the book immediately instead of having to wait months to read it completely. Just a suggestion.

Post two from blog follower (Ami) :

I believe that your published works should remain off of the internet. I mean, you worked hard to get them published (even if you did it yourself), and you deserve the money you earn from your hard work and dedication.
If you feel that you might not publish your Elemental Passions series, then by all means, post it all on the world wide web. I personally follow your progress on there, this blog, and now facebook.
Perhaps, in order to get more people to come to your blog and also keep track of plagiarism (you’ll have a list of everyone with access to your facebook and what not), you should post your WIP on your website. However, aren’t you updating it on

They both make very good points.
I am now technically a published author so I shouldn’t be making my work available for viewing like I am at the moment. However, fictionpress is where it all began and so I didn’t want to just up sticks and leave. I really tried to stick it out but after:

– Three years

– Five stories

– Three separate cases of plagiarism

and over half a million words

It’s over!! My time as a fictionpress writer has come to and end but even though I’m going back to university, have signed on to being the interview co-ordinator for parayournormal and am doing all sorts of wonderful things with the amazing writers over on facebook, I’m hoping that my presence on fictionpress doesn’t fade. I’ve made some amazing friends and am always up for helping any aspiring authors over there because there are some really great stories over there by some equally amazing writers.

This may be the end of an era but the ‘age’ has just begun!!


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Treasure Quest Blog hop Winners!!

So the time has come once again to decide on the winners to another blog hop!

It was actually really hard to decide on a winner this month because there were so many great answers. I’m really glad to hear that you all enjoyed the hop because I worked very hard on it and it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated. Any who this month’s hop has got me thinking and I’ve decided that I’ll probably be running a monthly giveaway on my blog so that more of you get the chance to win! I’ll keep you posted.

Drum roll please!!

So our winners, in no particular order, are:


Well after the amazing depth you put into your decision tree how could you not be rewarded? I’m just glad to know that you enjoyed the quest almost as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂 Plus I like how you went down the wrong path only to see the light in the end.

Lisa Vaughn!!!

Okay, so you went down the wrong path and died…It isn’t the end of the world but I thought you might like be interested in finding out what actually happens. Let me know what you think and if the story’s path was better than the one you chose.


Your thinking was so Sara-esque that for a moment I thought you were her! Well done, I hope you enjoy the book.

Okay, well that’s almost it from me. I just have a quick question and you can be on your way. If I were to start a monthly giveaway what book would you like me to giveaway first. Check out the blurbs to the books and then vote here!


Just asking…..

This is a short post, I promise the proper one is on it’s way.

I just wanted to ask for your opinion.

Which cover for Seared by Desire do people like better?

Seared by Desire Blue?

Seared by Desire Red? 

So red or blue? The choice is up to you?


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Serialisation? Seriously?

So today I was struck by lightning, well in the theoretical sense of the word. I had a great idea. Serialisation. Some of you might be thinking, what on earth is she talking about and before my eureka moment I would have thought the same but things are different now.

Let me explain myself (heavens above I do a lot of explaining of my actions don’t I?….Moving on from my moment(s) of madness!). For those of you that don’t know, serialisation is essentially publication of an ongoing piece of work on a regular basis. I’m thinking along the lines of once a week. Probably Monday. The first piece of work I ever wrote was only finished because of serialising online, the support and feedback I got was AMAZING!! I’m not sure I’d be doing what I’m doing now without the help of that website.

Sadly as those of you that’ve read my plagiarism post know the actions of a few can ruin things for the many but I’m thinking of doing it again! I’m thinking of putting my work back out there in the great wide world of the internet for your viewing pleasure.

Good idea? Bad idea? I’m still not sure that’s why I’m asking you wonderful people!

Should I put my current WIP on my blog for you guys to read until it’s finished? Who would be interested in  reading Whirlwind of Pleasure, the third story in my Elemental Passions? Shall I tell you what it’s about? I don’t have a blurb yet but here goes.

In this book we’re following Gwen and Nicholas, two people who couldn’t be more different. A tormented lycan and a cursed air elemental.

So on the one hand we have Nicholas, beta to the entire lycan species.

I’m going to be honest, Nicholas might not be to everyone’s liking. Yes it’s true he’s a beta, the second in command, but he certainly doesn’t act like it. He might seem a bit demanding, occasionally a little cruel and always intent on getting what’s his.

On the other hand we have Gwen, an air elemental cursed like her brethren.

The curse hanging over Gwen’s head is disaster, nothing she ever does goes well and when you’re convinced that your curse is going to kill someone you keep everyone at arms length…or at least she tries to but Nicholas won’t be denied.

Throw in a life changing contest with a reward that’s literally out of this world, a little ‘friendly’ competition from a vampire equally determined to win, a few gods and scorching hot sexual tension and we have a book!! The question is: Is it a book you’d want to read?

All opinions on the matter are much appreciated!!


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When there isn’t enough time…throw your watch away and make a book trailer

Another week, another task. This week I should have been writing, I should have been making great strides in my current WIP but sadly I got distracted…I blame Facebook. Change that! I thank Facebook =)

Yes, yes it was a distraction that I could have done without but what’s life if not a series of distractions and this week’s distraction was a doozy. A book trailer! I know, who’d have thunk it, me a director, producer, script writer etc for my own book trailer. Luckily my credits are non-existent. I think there’s only so many times that you can see your own name before you start getting annoyed by the sight of it.

I’m getting distracted again! Seriously, I think all writers should own their own personal blinders so that we can focus on the tast at hand. Anyway before I get distracted again let me explain. I saw a fellow writer’s trailer for their book and thought…Oooh I want one of those! So what did I do? I set about getting one. They’re surprisingly time consuming for something that’s less than 2 minutes long. But by the time I was well into the creative process and realised that I’d never in a million years have enough time to do everything I needed to get done I’d already chucked my watch out of the window. It never told me anything that I wanted to hear so I’ve decided to work off my own clock.

It’s a special clock for writers, the hands never move so you always have time!! Anyone who wants one let me know 😉

Anyway, after a week of toiling away, I’ve done it! I’ve made a trailer for A Wolf’s Duty! Sadly, my proper watch has now been returned to me by an all together too helpful neighbour who recognised it so I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to get the other 2 books in the series trailers let alone the elemental passions series but I’m a writer! A self publishing one at that! I’m capable of feats of time manipulation that will amaze and astound you.

I hear my WIP calling so I’m going to have to be off! Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think!

If you want any more information about the book then just click the tab that says A Wolf’s Duty, it’ll tell you all you need to know =)

Oh and before I go I think I should let you know that I’ll hopefully be posting a How to guide for book trailers within the next week or two, provided I don’t get sidetracked again.


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Birthday Giveaway!!

So here we are!

It’s finally my birthday and it’s started off so well! I have sunshine, my sisters gave me a very nice card claiming that I was once again seven years old (I think they’re trying to make me feel better about my age), I’m going to see Transformers: Dark of the moon later today and my family are taking me out to dinner. It’s going to be a great day…fingers crossed.

Anyway, enough from me. I suppose you want to know the results!

Drum roll please…..

The winner is…..

That’s right you’ve decided that Ryan and Chloe’s tale deserves to be told!

I’m going to give you the same warning I gave to people when I was writing this story, before it was plagiarised. Ryan is an idiot. Be prepared to laugh, to scream and finally to love!

Head over to smashwords and use the coupon code: YY64A

All feedback is awesome and all reviews for this book are greatly appreciated!

Don’t forget to spread the love! Invite as many people as you want to the giveaway!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!


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Mad as a hatter and with just as little time…

Before I embarked on my journey of self publication and the inevitable madness that followed, I was a great deal more understanding when people said they were busy. That’s completely changed now. Now when I hear someone tell me how busy they are I can barely resist the urge to chuckle to myself. (There are times when the crazy just needs to come out).

I used to think I was busy but then I started self publishing which really threw everything into perspective. If I was running to stand still before now I’ve run to a car dealership, driven to an airport, got on a plane and am still behind.

I never realised just how time consuming some things could be, rewarding yes, but also very time consuming. At the moment I’m a writer, editor, designer and marketer all at once. Oh and let’s not forget that I still have to perform in my full time job….My head hurts just thinking about it.

But the reason I can keep doing what I’m doing is because I’ve been touched by that beautiful thing called Writer’s Madness…. Okay so I might have made the term up but I’m hoping it’ll spread. Let me explain. I personally think that all writers are a bit crazy, some more than others but we all have it. There is no other profession in the world where it’s universally accepted to hear voices in your head at all times of the day. Granted they may all be screaming the same thing…”Write me! Write me!” But the point is still a valid one. Writers are all a little insane but that’s fine with me. Want to know why? Because there’s brilliance in madness and while I haven’t managed to get much writing done this week I was able to create not one but TWO pieces of cover art. Take a look =)

I’m actually quite proud of them, what do you guys think?

So I’m probably half way to being institutionalised due to manic overstretch but at least I’ll be able to focus on writing. Mad people are always busy because they have better things to do. Yup, now that I think about it…I’m mad as a hatter and PROUD. Why you ask? In the words of Aristotle

“There is no great genius without a touch of madness.”

I suppose that must mean the crazier I am, the better my writing will be. If that’s the case then bring on the crazy!


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