Sweet Saturday Samples – 15th October

15 Oct

So it's Saturday so if you're ready for the deliciousness of
the weekend come with me as we enter a Whirlwind of Pleasure!

Whirlwind of Pleasure – She’d take on the heavens to love him.

Furious didn’t even begin to describe how Nicholas felt as he stormed through the halls towards the alpha’s cabin. He’d known distantly that having a mate sometimes brought out the worst of a lycan’s instincts but nothing had prepared him for this. Gwen’s disappearing act had his gut churning, his vision clouding red and his animal instincts overriding his ability to reason. He would get her back no matter what ruthless measures he had to employ. With that thought in mind he flung the doors to Conner’s cabin wide open, the doors hitting the walls with a resounding slam that made all eyes turn to him. His ice blue eyes darted around the room wildly while his bare chest rose and fell quickly in agitation.

“You, you and you,” he commanded, pointing to the men that stood guard around Conner. “Come with me.”

“Wait,” Conner contradicted, walking the distance that separated him and Nicholas.

Growling, Nicholas regarded his alpha and only friend, the familiar brown hair and equally brown eyes angering him. How dare he try to come between him and his mate?

“Calm down Nick,” Conner soothed, placing a beefy hand on his shoulder. They’d known each other for centuries and that was the only reason he hadn’t reacted violently to the challenge in Nicholas’ growl. He trusted his beta implicitly. “What’s wrong?”

Huffing, Nicholas shrugged out of Conner’s grip and began to pace.

When no words seemed forthcoming Conner prodded him slightly. “I heard your howl earlier, tell me what happened.”

“My mate,” Nicholas began through gritted teeth. “I found my mate.”

The worry disappeared from Conner’s face and was replaced with a wide smile. “Congratulations!”

“She ran away.” He spat each word, simply remembering Gwen’s escape making his blood boil.

Puzzled, Conner said slowly, “No lycan woman would run from her mate.”

“She’s not lycan. She’s a tiny little air elemental and she literally slipped through my fingers.”

So there we have it, a little bit of goodness from the characters 
of Whirlwind of Pleasure. I hope you liked it.

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5 responses to “Sweet Saturday Samples – 15th October

  1. Sandy Nachlinger

    15/10/2011 at 9:22 pm

    Great scene! I want to know more about this “tiny little air elemental.”
    (By the way, your October 15 “Sweet Saturday Samples” entry didn’t link me here. You might want to double-check it.)

  2. mirriamsmyth

    16/10/2011 at 4:44 am

    Oh wow, great sample! This is going on my to be read list.

  3. katsrus

    17/10/2011 at 12:14 am

    That was a great excerpt.
    Sue B

  4. Naz

    22/10/2011 at 4:46 am

    I was looking on your fictionpress page and came across the Competition for this eBook.
    Is it still on? And do if it is do I PM you at that site or just comment the answer here?

    • Jennyt82

      22/10/2011 at 6:23 am

      The competition that you’re talking about is no longer running but if you head over to the spook-a-licious blog tour then there is a new giveaway going on!


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