Can I have a word? Rocked by Passion

31 Oct

So we’re here again! And the results are in….That brooding mystique of Kieron clearly has your interest piqued. So I guess we’ll be starting with him. If you’ll come with me you can get rocked by passion!! Are you ready to meet this week’s guest? I hope you are and with that I’ll bring in Kieron!!!


JTA: Hiya Kieron, how are you today?

Kieron:……..You sound awfully excited for a woman that’s about to surrender all her power to me.

JTA: And why wouldn’t I be excited? I’ve missed you.

Kieron: You saw me a few months ago when you were writing Whirlwind of Pleasure. I haven’t been gone long enough for you to miss me.

JTA: And the fact that I wrote you back into a book doesn’t tell you anything? I love you and love writing about you that’s why I’ve asked you to come here and talk to all these lovely people so that they can fall in love with you too.

Kieron: I’d really rather they didn’t love me. In fact, I’d really rather they stayed far away from me. The further the better. What happens when women see my face isn’t love. I’m old enough and wise enough to know that now.

JTA: But I’m different.

Kieron: *Takes off the heavy weight of his hood*


JTA:……….I. Love. You. So. Much. I just want to-

Kieron: *Covers his face with his hood* You’re not all that different to the rest of them. You managed to keep your hands to yourself, which is a definite improvement to some of the women I’ve met in the past but only Estraya is actually immune to the effects.

JTA: So you’re telling me there’s a woman that can resist that?

Kieron: *Smiles to himself* Well I wouldn’t say she resists, I’d say that she has more control than others. She’s special like that.

JTA: You sound like you really love her.

Kieron: More than my next breath.

JTA: I’m jealous and seeing how it’s clear that I can’t compete with this paradigm of femininity I’ll take my leave. Maybe I don’t love you as much as I thought I did. Maybe next week people will vote for a wolf or something. They’ll love me back.

Kieron: Wolves are worse and you know it.

JTA: A woman can dream can’t she?

Kieron: Some more than others and some dreams are less likely to come true.

JTA: Here, just answer these. I’m going to find me some affection. *Gives him list of questions* I don’t think I’ll be inviting you for a while. You seriously know how to bruise a woman’s ego. How does Estraya put up with you?

Kieron: Estraya doesn’t have to worry about me ever saying anything bad of her. She’s my mate, my infinitely better other half.

JTA: I can’t wait to meet her….

Kieron: Well I suppose I should answer these questions so that I can get back to Estraya.

What is your favourite time of year?

Well I’m an earth elemental so my favourite time of the year has definitely got to be the end of spring. That’s when most of the plants have bloomed and it’s when I feel most in tune with nature, when my powers are strongest. I have a particular dislike for winter, trees really don’t like having to be woken up when there’s snow on the ground so that they can do your bidding. I can make them do it but it’s definitely much harder in winter. 

Have you ever done something you’ve later regretted?

I took off my hood. I let people see my face and I took advantage of the power of my curse. I was young, I didn’t understand how having women throw themselves at me could possible be a curse…..I was wrong and they let me know it. In the worst possible way. Now I understand that a curse is a curse and there are never any benefits to it. When someone puts a curse on you, they want you to suffer and before I met Estraya that’s exactly what I did.

Is there one thing you couldn’t live without?

Until I broke my curse it was definitely my hood. It kept people from seeing my face and the less of my face people saw the less they actively despised me and that kept my anger at bay for longer. When I get angry enough….I change. I become something less than human and so the hood had to stay. The metal lining and the many layers mean that I can see out but people can’t see in. That was how things had to be before I met Estraya but now the one thing I couldn’t live without is definitely my star, my Estraya. 
How would your best friend describe your personality?

Difficult. I’m not the easiest person in the world to get on with and if you’re not in my circle of trust I’m going to make an active effort into keeping you away from me and those I do care about. Call it a consequence of my curse if you want but that’s just the way I am. But once I do trust you, there’s no one more loyal or dedicated. I’ve defied kings and decimated armies to keep the people I love safe and I’d do it again.
What would you say if someone told you they’d booked an experience for you to go swimming with sharks?

Sharks are definitely not in my city. If they’d found a way for me to leave the city there’s nothing that could stop me from going. And trust me, there are definitely things that are more frightening than sharks and I’m one of them. One look from me would have them on their best behaviour.

JTA: Kieron, I’m back!

Kieron: You seem to have gotten over your earlier disappointment.

JTA: Just spent some time with Gabriel and now I feel much better.

Kieron: Who’s he?

JTA: Gabe is the main character in Submerged in Ecstasy and he’s much nicer than you are.

Kieron: Is that so?

JTA: Of course it is!

Kieron: You thought I was nice too until I met my mate…..What if it all changes?

JTA: *scowls* Kieron, you’re being difficult.

Kieron: It doesn’t matter. I’ve answered your questions, it’s time for me to go.

JTA: It doesn’t work like that. You have to stay here while I go back to Gabriel. He’s intense and needs my full attention right now so that means you’re in control. *Blows him a kiss* Bye gorgeous. I’ll be back on Monday with Estraya so if you just behave you’ll get to see your beloved mate soon. Be nice and answer all the lovely people’s questions!


7 responses to “Can I have a word? Rocked by Passion

  1. Kassandra Duric

    31/10/2011 at 4:58 pm

    Estraya is definitely a lucky girl. When I read Rocked by Passion I got so jealous of her (then again, right now I’m Jealous of Gwen who has stolen Nicholas as well). Any way, before I get carried off, now that you’ve killed the person who tried (if I remember the ending correctly you killed him) to take Estraya from you, are you going to kill your own king and take the lands? They SO should be your’s. lol And Estraya better watch it, curse or no curse I’m still plotting my way into this world to steal you and it’s all JTA’s fault for creating awesome characters.

  2. Jennyt82

    01/11/2011 at 5:26 am

    Kieron: If having these curses has taught me anything it’s that power comes with responsibility and that no death should be made without justifiable cause. I just want to live my life with Estraya peacefully. No kings, no curses, just us….Maybe somewhere near the sea. Neither of us have ever seen it.
    And if you can find a way into this world then you’re more than welcome to join us. I’m not going to be leaving Estraya any time soon but I’m sure JTA will have thought of an even more amazing character just for you.

  3. Francine

    05/11/2011 at 1:29 am

    Kieron’s story is definitely my favourite in the whole series so far (I’ve just finished Whirlwind of Pleasure and I’m currently waiting for Submerged in Ecstasy, and I CAN’T WAIT). Everything about his character just appeals to me. His mystery, his stubbornness, his loyalty, everything! I wonder if people are starting to treat him better though, or do they still fear him? I love the relationship that was shown between Ermite and Anila in Whirlwind of Pleasure, I hope we get to see some more sibling affection in the future with the other elements!

    • Jennyt82

      05/11/2011 at 5:17 am

      Kieron: When you have as much power as I do people are always going to be afraid of you Francine, that’s just the way the world works and it works quite well for me. People are never going to want to hurt my family again because they know what I’ll do to them.

  4. Manar

    07/11/2011 at 7:54 pm

    serioulsy Jenny how can you expect from us to choose form *ahm* damn hot, possesive, best mate you can ever have in all your incarnated lives!!! When I read Kierons story I fell in love imediately, with every character, and wanted more to read. I think kieron is was/is very special.. form all the powers, he got the one that will create everything he ever disaires. But he still became a very hones and loyal man in the end. he did not get greedy like other people. that takes some balls/ will power and discepline in a person to not to turn in a bad way..

    Anyway I cant wait till Gabes story… hope so see more form Russel and Leah.. man those two are cute oh ohoh can you please arrange a interview with russel someday??

    Gotta love to hear form him…. hahha wanna know what he’s up to, now he got a mate. His first reacton to Leah, priceless hahahha

    lots of love,

    Manar ( krullie FP)

    • Jennyt82

      08/11/2011 at 5:56 am

      An interview with Gareth…I’ll definitely put it on my list of things to do.


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