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Double Crossing – Lily Granville and Ace Diamond Square Off

Double Crossing – Lily Granville and Ace Diamond Square Off

What do you get when you pair up a wealthy, well-bred heiress – sheltered and educated with an impulsive streak – and a gambling, mercenary Texan cowboy?

Double Crossing is a twist on “True Grit” but it takes place on the 1869 Iron Horse – months after the Union and Central Pacific railroad lines joined at Promontory Point. Nineteen-year-old Lily Granville is stunned with her father is murdered and vows to track the killer across the country to California – who also stole a valuable gold mine deed.

Once Lily arrives in Omaha, she discovers that someone is now tracking her. Could it be the killer? And why? Lily decides to enlist “Ace” Diamond, who agrees to protect her – for a price.

Q for Lily – how did you feel when you first met Ace?

A – Since he literally crashed his way into my life, I did feel a twinge of compassion… he was injured, and I felt my Christian duty was to help… until I caught sight of his Confederate belt buckle with the Texas Lone Star. I *know* my father would never have approved of an ex-Rebel soldier – and that deepened my guilt. However, after someone searched my hotel room and my personal belongings, I had no choice but to hire Ace Diamond for protection. He was the most unlikely “angel” as an answer from God after I’d prayed for help! I suppose beggars can’t be choosers, though.

Q for Ace – what was your first impression of Lily?

A – First time I set eyes on that pretty filly, all golden-haired and sweet, with the most kissable mouth, I was bushwhacked. Couldn’t remember my own name.

Q for Lily – were you surprised that Ace bargained with you over his fee?

A – To be truthful, I was. I offered him a fair wage, but then he demanded an exorbitant amount in addition to the expense of a Pullman ticket! But it made sense that he had to be near on the train. Still, he insisted on a bonus once we reached California. And I was furious when I discovered that Ace had bragged to the other gentlemen in the smoking car about that bonus I promised my uncle would pay – him when we arrived in California! And that was before we were halfway across country. Really, Mr. Diamond was quite presumptuous. And forward, given his roving—well, let’s just say he’s no gentleman. I shouldn’t have been surprised at that!

Q for Ace – why did you accept Lily’s offer?

A – Easy as ropin’ a baby steer, riding shotgun on a train. But that stubborn little gal sure fooled me. I earned my fee. And then some.

Q for Lily – before the railroad trip, what was your dream for a happy future?

A – I wanted… well, I wasn’t really certain what I wanted and whether I’d be happy becoming a missionary to China. I know my father wanted me to marry and provide him with grandchildren. He believed I deserved a decent man, a good provider and one who supported my ideas. I did want to experience adventure and independence, since I’d lived a sheltered life in Evanston, just north of Chicago, but I also wanted to come home again where I felt safe. I so enjoyed long talks with Father, sketching my pet lizard in the lovely garden and watching the leaves change in fall and the snow fall in winter. Father’s death changed everything, however. I was devastated. And I *had* to see that justice was done.

Q for Ace – what about you, same question?

A – A good woman in a nice, cozy bed. I’ve got my eye on a certain woman now.

Hmm — seems Ace is a man of few words. Lily will soon find herself in hotter water in the sequel, Double or Nothing — I hope readers are looking forward to more adventures!

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Seven very different singles – four women and three men – rent a New Jersey beach house for the summer: author Shontae Nichols, self-employed accountant and realtor, Linda Harris, Linda’s sister, hip-hop video dancer Kinnik Watkins, cosmetologist, Jovita Blassingame, Calculus professor Curtis “Doc” Whetstone, actor and drama instructor, Kip Lee, and new housemate, up and coming film actor, Devon Burke.

During their two month stay, romances bloom, friendships are tested and when a tragedy strikes one of the housemates, they all learn the answer to the age-old question: Can men and women ever be just friends?

Interview with Kinnik Watkins, the female antagonist in HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME

I have been invited to Beach Haven, New Jersey to the house where Kinnik Watkins and her friends are spending the summer. To give us some privacy, we cross the beach and sit in the gazebo about 100 feet from the house. All the tall, voluptuous bronze goddess is wearing is a microscopic bikini and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Me: (I stand and introduce myself.)  Before we get started, can you tell me the correct way to pronounce your name?

Kinnik: (with a coquettish smile I find a bit strange.) It’s Kinnik. It rhymes with unique.

Me: You’re my second interview. As I explained to Shontae, I write for a magazine that wants to do a story about real singles living at the Jersey shore, considering how the TV show has become such a big hit.

Kinnik(She slides her shades to the end of her nose and glances at me with soft, light brown eyes.) Something’s always on and popping on that show. I love it.

Me(I sit on the chaise next to where she is reclining.) Thanks for agreeing to talk with me.

Kinnik(flashes a captivating smile and runs her manicured fingers through the long strawberry blonde hair that complements her café au lait complexion) Sure, why not? You’ll probably need me to straighten out whatever Shontae told you anyway.

Me: I’m going to ask everyone the same questions, and I’ll be taping this, if you don’t mind.

Kinnik(She crosses legs that make me want to hurry and call the nearest plastic surgeon for an emergency liposuction appointment.) No problem. I’m used to being recorded.

Me: I understand this is your third year together, so you must know your housemates pretty well. Can you tell me a little bit about each of them?

Kinnik: I guess this is the best they can do when it comes to vacations, considering none of them are really big money. I’m only here because my sister begged me to come. Personally, I think she has something up her sleeve.

Me(checking my notes) Linda’s your sister. Is she older or younger?”

Kinnik: (rolls her eyes) Older, and she always has to make it a point to remind me. “She says she wants to talk to me about my career. Since she paid my rent for the summer, I couldn’t very well refuse. Linda doesn’t like me dancing, but I am not a nine-to-five person. She forgets that I make more than she does in a year, and I have two kids to take care of.”

Me and Jo have been friends for years. She’s for real people, the only one in this house that doesn’t judge every more I make. Jo is my makeup artist and hair stylist and she’s got mad skills. She’s just here to chill and see if her old man is going to pop the question.”

Me:  Tell me about the men.

Kinnik: (Flips her hair over one shoulder) “Kip is my boy. We spent some time together during our first summer in Beach Haven, but that’s ancient history. Kip’s here to see how much coochie he can conquer in eight weeks. Doc, well there isn’t much I can say about him. When he doesn’t have his nose stuck in a book, he’s sniffing after my sister. Linda is the only reason he’s here, but he’s wasting his time, if you ask me. Kip and Devon provide the testosterone. They’re both so fine; you can hear the panties dropping when they walk into a room.

Me: You forgot Shontae.  

Kinnik(with another eye roll) No, I didn’t. She’s just not worth mentioning.

Me: Why is that?

Kinnik: “Because she’s easily forgettable.”

Me: “That’s funny. Shontae seemed very pleasant.”

Kinnik(stiffens and haughtily raises her chin) “That’s because you don’t know her. That bitch is boring as hell and thinks she’s better than everybody else. I can’t understand why. All she does is stay closed up in the sunroom banging on her laptop. She lives in her little fantasy world cooking up stories in her head. Shontae wouldn’t know how to deal with a real man if her life depended on it. She thinks she’s better than everyone else. I can’t stand her cheap dressing, snobby ass.

Me: Do you think each of your housemates has a motive for being here this summer?

Kinnik: They sure as hell do. Doc is chasing Linda. Jo says she’s researching her new stylist business, but she’s really waiting for Walter to ask her to marry his dusty old ass. She’s been waiting for five years. Devon is rehearsing for the lead role in the new movie Denzel’s directing, and he needs to study the script.

Me(smiling at the way she’s avoided telling me about herself.) “So what about you, Kinnik? Why are you here?”

Kinnik: I’m just breezin’ in and out when I’m not in the Hamptons with Q. I’d much rather be there.”

Me: That’s Q.E., Quentin Edwards, the rapper?

Kinnik(a proud smile lights her beautiful face) That’s right. I’ve been staying with him for the past couple of months, but Linda insisted I spend some time with her.

Me: Isn’t Q.E. the one who was recently assaulted his personal assistant?

Kinnik(puckers her lips then sucks her teeth) That’s never going to court. The heifer is still working for him, so she can’t be too upset about him clocking her in the head and pushing her into the pool. (Her face spreads into a proud smile.) “Yeah. This place is okay, but his estate is off the chain. It’s all about luxury. The food is better, and I don’t have to do any houseworkwhen I’m there. His chef and butler wait on me hand and foot.”

Me: “So are you two a couple.”

Kinnik(her eyes becoming flat and unreadable as stone before she picks up her sunglasses and puts them back on.) “When we’re together, we’re a couple.”

Me: (the thread of warning in her voice lets me know it’s time to end the interview.) “Kinnik, it’s been a pleasure. As I mentioned to Shontae, maybe I’ll be back at the end of August to hear what actually happened during your vacation.”

Kinnik(rising to her impressive full height. Adjusts her bikini to make sure it’s covering everything important.) Yeah, check in and see who’s left standing.

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Love Talk with Adora Smutz

So we have another guest interview today. Put your hands together and welcome Jean Joachim. 🙂

Another revealing  character interview with Adora. 

This week Adora interviews, Mac Caldwell, hero of Now and Forever 1, a Love Story:

Adora: So, Mac, hunky guy, how are you today?

Mac: A little annoyed, Adora. Danny Maine said he got his name in the title of his book by sleeping with Jean. Well I’ve been sleeping with Jean for a much longer time and I don’t have my name on a book and she says she’s not putting my name in the title for book three either!

Adora: Really, Mac. Grow up. Jean is telling you what you want to hear, just to get at your hot body. And it is hot, I’ll admit that!

Mac: *blushes* Thanks, Adora. She has actually said I’m her favorite hero. Oh, don’t tell Callie about Jean and me. I haven’t slept with Jean since I started sleeping with Callie. Don’t want to get them confused, Jean might write Callie out of the next book and I’d be a horny and frustrated guy. Not to say I don’t love Callie…

Adora: Yeah, yeah Mac. We get it. You love Callie’s body, be honest here.

Mac: Callie is more than a body to me, Adora, you know that. Why are you trying to cause trouble between us?

Adora: Okay, okay, Mac. No harm meant *Adora holds up her hands*. Geez. Sensitive aren’t we? So tell me, what is your favorite position with Callie?

Mac: Any position. I love making love to her anyway I can. And you can print that…wait…is Jean going to read this? *Mac starts to sweat.*

Adora: She better read this or I’m quitting!

Mac: Then maybe you should take back what I just said.

Adora: *wearing an evil grin*, Too late, Mac. It’s already in print.

Mac: Oh, crap!

Adora: So how many times a week do you and Callie make love *Adora picks up pen, poised over paper*

Mac: What? I’m not going to answer that. Jean said you’d try something like this. She said to stick to the plot of the book. Ask me about the drug gang…or how I felt about Callie doing things without telling me…

Adora: Doing what things? Is Callie sleeping with someone else?

Mac: She is? Where is he? No, no, that’s ridiculous. Callie would never…

Adora: Is she sleeping with Danny, the hero of Now and Forever 2?

Mac: She’d never do that! Eliza would kill her. I would kill her, then we’d both kill Danny. *Mac comes halfway out of his chair*

Adora: Had you going there, didn’t I?

Mac: Danny said you were a real ball buster and I didn’t believe him. Maybe I should ask you who you’re sleeping with…there’s a rumor you made a play for Danny but he turned you down.

Adora: *blushes* That’s all we have time for today *gestures neck cutting with her hand to cameraman.*

Mac: You don’t get off that easy. I want to talk about the book.

Adora: Come back again soon, Mac. For “Love Talk”, this is Adora Smutz, signing off!

Check out the book on my


Guest Post with Kathleen Grieve


“Hello, I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Dr. Cruz Avery and you will meet me in Kathleen Grieve’s current release, Dating 911.  It is the story of my twin brother, Jett and how he doesn’t use the best judgment when dealing with his post traumatic stress disorder after he lost his best friend in a fire.”

“But has Jett ever used good judgment?” A bitter laugh escapes full, sexy lips.  “Hell no!  I remember the time when we…”Cruz shrugs and shakes his head.  “Never mind.  So.  He steals my girl and I get stuck at a dinner party with one of my Mother’s “choice” dates, who by the way was no peach, not even if you counted the fuzz growing on her chin.  Why would I be pissed off?  Well, Roxanne wasn’t exactly mine…but she would’ve been if Jett wouldn’t have come barging in, fire hose blazing…”

Cruz paces the new office he was recently given when he was promoted as the Director of Phoenix General’s Emergency Room.  It’s small, windowless, with only enough room for a generic desk, bookshelf crammed with medical texts and budget binders, and a chair for a guest, but he spans the 5×10 room anyway.

He turns to me and pierces me with those penetrating grey eyes.  “Why didn’t I get Roxanne and not Jett?  Was it because he was so tragic? Lost?  Women fall for that sort of thing, I guess.  Do I sound like a bitter asshole?” He straightens and smoothes the dark blue silk tie and black Armani suit jacket he is wearing.  “I’m not hurting for dates.  I have more women than I know what to do with.  I am Dr. Cruz Avery, after all.”  He winks.

It was my turn to shrug.  As his creator, I’m fully aware that Cruz doesn’t want to hear my answer, as he sits back behind his desk and shuffles some papers.

“Work.  That’s what I need.  Forget women…Forget dating all together.  This ER is a complete mess and I intend to make some real changes here…”

Poor Cruz.  What happened to him in Dating 911?  Did he deserve Roxanne’s love?  What’s in store for him in Book 2 of my Dating Series, Dating Impossible?  Will he finally find the happiness he deserves?

Before I go I’d like to thank you for having me here today! I’d like to leave you with a picture of Dr. Cruz Avery looking a bit more relaxed…

When you look like this, I can see why Roxanne had a really hard time choosing between these hot twins! Dating 911 is available now at


To find out more about Kathleen Grieve and her books, you can stop by her blog, Keeping A Pulse On Life & Romance at:

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Three reasons to go Indie!

Well we’re coming to the end of the year and so I thought it would be a good time to sit down and pen this post. Plus I’m on a coach with very limited space to do my editing 😉 Whatever the reason, I’ve decided that this is something I need to share and so here we go.

I was looking on amazon today and saw that A Wolf’s Duty was published for kindle around this same time last year and I just couldn’t believe it. It’s still hard for me to believe that I did it. I keep waking up expecting to find its all been a really amazing dream but the bubble has yet to pop and so I step once more into the breach. This year has been nothing short of amazing and men of it would have been possible if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith and gone indie. So if you have a book and have been sitting on it for a while read my list of reasons and see if you’re ready to take that leap when the new year comes.

      You will be a published author!
      I think this is the most important reason of all. If you’ve written a book you will know how much of a labour of love it can be. Weeks and months of writing and editing! I realised the other day that it takes me an average of 9 months to write a book. I could have a child in that time! Scary isn’t it? Sadly, if your book isn’t published then you can’t show it off like you could your child. You can’t go forth into the world and say:

Look, I made that. Isn’t it awesome?

By going Indie you can show off your talent to the world!

      It isn’t as hard as you might think.
        People think that going Indie is a more difficult process than it actually is. Years ago sit might have been but now with the surge in ebooks it really isn’t very difficult to get your book out there. Sure, there are some routes that are far easier than others but I’m saving that rant for a special occasion. The point is that if you want to do this you


And the third and final reason?

      You won’t be in this alone.
    If this year has taught me anything it’s how supportive and helpful indie authors are. People really do help each other out. If you have a question you can ask it and you’ll never be made to feel silly for asking it and I can almost guarantee that you’ll get an answer. The support is there for you until you’re ready to do things by yourself and then you’ll be the ones answering questions and helping other people just like you to do this thing that we’ve wanted for years.

Now I know three reasons doesn’t sound like many and it isn’t. There are dozens of others but I wanted to keep it simple so here’s the three point plan as to why you should go indie.
1. You can do this.

2. You will have support every step of the way. You’re not in it alone.

3. It may be hard but you’ll be a published author. Completely worth it!


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To howl or To bite?

I love writing in my genre. I get to create fabulous characters and make the laws of nature bow in submission. It’s an amazing way to spend your time even if you get peculiar looks from others when you tell them what it is you write.I’m getting off track. The point is paranormal romance is awesome. But it does mean you are embroiled from the start in that age old debate.

Werewolves or vampires. To howl or to bite?


This question existed long before Twilight somehow became the definition of the genre…I’ll make my position on that book quite clear. I am not team Edward or team Jacob. I am team confused. I literally forced myself to read book one and haven’t even looked at any of the others and that’s the way I like things. Getting distracted again. Sorry.
So in answer to the question I am a howler. I love my wolves and am not ashamed to say it! Why because I love the idea of a constant conflict between man and beast between reason and instinct. Sadly not everyone feels the same way that I do and the wolves are portrayed as slathering beasts unable to control themselves which is the exact opposite to how vampires are seen and that is why I write what I write. I like to feel that I’m playing my part in taking on the common perception with my books.
Wolves can be sexy too and I write to prove it.
That isn’t to say that I’ve never written about vampires. I have. I wrote Seared by Desire and I love Lucian but at heart I am and always be a howler rather than a biter.

But now I put the question to you. To howl or to bite? Who has your support?


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Can I have a word? Rocked by Passion

So we’re here again! And the results are in….So we’ve said goodbye to Kieron who although a grouch, still has a place in my heart. In his place we’re brining in the awesome Estraya. She’s much nicer than her male counterpart. So without further ado, I give you Estraya!


JTA: Estraya! It’s so good to see you. Especially after having a week of Kieron being a grouch. 

Estraya: It’s good to see you too. Kieron can be a little hard to deal with if you don’t know how to manage him. 

JTA: Well clearly I have no idea how to manage him. He was almost rude at times. 

Estraya: I’m sure he’s not the worst character you’ve had to interview….

JTA: You do have a point. I interviewed Lucian once and boy, that vampire was outright rude! But there was something about him. I couldn’t decide if I should be terrified or intrigued….

Estraya: And Kieron?

JTA: Well I was tempted to hit him at times but then I saw his face…

Estraya: Wait a minute. You saw his face?

JTA: *nods* Yeah, he took it off to prove a point. He definitely proved it. 

Estraya: Did you touch him?

JTA: *gulps* I was tempted to….

Estraya: So you touched my mate?

JTA: No, no. I swear I didn’t. I was tempted to but who wouldn’t be? It should be illegal to hide that face.

Estraya: The only person who should be looking at his face is me. No one else has a right to touch him. 

JTA: *mumbles* And I thought you were the nice one.

Estraya: I am the nice one. Unless you try to threaten or hurt people I care about. Then I’m not so nice anymore. 

JTA: What is it with you guys? 

Estraya: I just don’t like it when people talk about Kieron. Let me guess, he was the sam way about me?

JTA: Worse actually. 

Estraya: That’s what happens when you love someone as intensely as we love each other. He’s my reason for breathing. Have you ever loved someone so much that you can’t imagine living without them? If you haven’t then you can’t understand why we are the way we are. 

JTA: You’re depressing me. I’m going to find Gabe. He doesn’t depress me. Here are the questions. Now be a good girl and answer them properly. 

Estraya: I didn’t mean to upset her but it was the truth….Never mind! On with the questions!!

What is your favourite time of year?

I didn’t have one before I met Kieron but now it’s most definitely the spring. That was when I met Kieron and that’s when my whole life changed. Before that spring my life just went from bad to worse. Nothing I did managed to change anything and trust me I tried everything. I just wanted to be free, I wanted to be able to shine like the stars but my life wasn’t my own. Despite my title I was nothing more than a slave. That spring I was set free and so now that’s my favourite time of the year. 

Have you ever done something you’ve later regretted?

….I didn’t know he’d kill her. I just wanted to be free. That isn’t wrong. No one wants to live life as the possession of someone else. He caught me again. It wasn’t the first time, we’d done nothing but try to escape him since we were sold to him so when he asked if I’d ever run I didn’t think anything of it. I told him that of course we’d run. There was nothing on this earth that could make me stay with him. He slit her throat. She died in my arms. To this day I regret not lying to him. Maybe if I’d told him what he wanted to hear she’d still be here. My moon.

Is there one thing you couldn’t live without?

My freedom. Now that I’ve had it, now that I know what it feels like to be your own person I could never go back to being what I was before. He always hoped to break me but he never managed to succeed and now he’ll never have the chance and neither will anyone else. I’ll never let someone try to catch me and clip my wings like he did and with Kieron by my side I’ll never have to worry that someone will do that. 

How would your best friend describe your personality?

Loyal. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to protect the people I love. I stayed with a monster for years trying to keep my sister safe. I gave myself over to a man I knew was going to hurt me to give my Kieron a chance at a normal life. If I care about you I’d walk over hot coals, go to the end of the earth, even to hell and back so that I could keep you safe. That’s just the way I am.
What would you say if someone told you they’d booked an experience for you to go swimming with sharks?

The ocean. I’d love to see the ocean. I’ve spent most of my life in the desert. I’ve never seen anything bigger than a small river but I’ve heard tales. I’ve heard about how big and blue the ocean is. I’d love to see it. If that meant swimming with sharks then so be it. I can take care of myself. The sharks wouldn’t bother me as long as I got the chance to see the ocean, to feel it, to smell and hear it. 

JTA: Estraya, how did it go?

Estraya: I think it went well though now I’m dying to go for a swim. Maybe I can convince Kieron to go skinny dipping with me. I’ve heard that’s lots of fun and I can imagine why.

JTA: Nope. No skinny dipping for you. 

Estraya: Why not?

JTA: Because you have to stay here. People are going to be asking you questions. They want to get to know you. So you have to stay here and tell them about yourself.

Estraya: What?

JTA: That was the deal. Don’t worry, I’ll tell Kieron all about your skinny dipping plans. I’m sure he’d love to hear them. Be good while I’m away! Now remember guys, if there’s anything you want to ask Estraya then go ahead. That’s what she’s here for. And the voting is open again for the next pair of characters to come forward.