Three reasons to go Indie!

20 Nov

Well we’re coming to the end of the year and so I thought it would be a good time to sit down and pen this post. Plus I’m on a coach with very limited space to do my editing 😉 Whatever the reason, I’ve decided that this is something I need to share and so here we go.

I was looking on amazon today and saw that A Wolf’s Duty was published for kindle around this same time last year and I just couldn’t believe it. It’s still hard for me to believe that I did it. I keep waking up expecting to find its all been a really amazing dream but the bubble has yet to pop and so I step once more into the breach. This year has been nothing short of amazing and men of it would have been possible if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith and gone indie. So if you have a book and have been sitting on it for a while read my list of reasons and see if you’re ready to take that leap when the new year comes.

      You will be a published author!
      I think this is the most important reason of all. If you’ve written a book you will know how much of a labour of love it can be. Weeks and months of writing and editing! I realised the other day that it takes me an average of 9 months to write a book. I could have a child in that time! Scary isn’t it? Sadly, if your book isn’t published then you can’t show it off like you could your child. You can’t go forth into the world and say:

Look, I made that. Isn’t it awesome?

By going Indie you can show off your talent to the world!

      It isn’t as hard as you might think.
        People think that going Indie is a more difficult process than it actually is. Years ago sit might have been but now with the surge in ebooks it really isn’t very difficult to get your book out there. Sure, there are some routes that are far easier than others but I’m saving that rant for a special occasion. The point is that if you want to do this you


And the third and final reason?

      You won’t be in this alone.
    If this year has taught me anything it’s how supportive and helpful indie authors are. People really do help each other out. If you have a question you can ask it and you’ll never be made to feel silly for asking it and I can almost guarantee that you’ll get an answer. The support is there for you until you’re ready to do things by yourself and then you’ll be the ones answering questions and helping other people just like you to do this thing that we’ve wanted for years.

Now I know three reasons doesn’t sound like many and it isn’t. There are dozens of others but I wanted to keep it simple so here’s the three point plan as to why you should go indie.
1. You can do this.

2. You will have support every step of the way. You’re not in it alone.

3. It may be hard but you’ll be a published author. Completely worth it!


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