Blogging 365?

15 Jan

Okay so I stumbled across a concept this week and I’ve decided that I’m going to run with it. What is the concept you ask? Well it’s really simple. You just have to blog every day of the year for the rest of 2012. Now I know me. I’m pretty bad at doing something every day unless it’s short so to do this I’ve decided that I’ll post a new quote every day from now to the end of 2012.

It sounds pretty simple. Good. I was hoping it would. Now the tricky part. Sticking to my new found philosophy. I’ll see how it goes anyway. Wish me luck!

Oh and before I forget…I’m still chugging away with Submerged in Ecstasy but I’m down to the last chapter. ^_^ I know, yay me right?

In the spirit of my new 365 ambition and seeing as I’m so close to the end I’m going to invite you to take a look at a sneak peak of Submerged in Ecstasy!


 It was only during the darkest hours when the rest of the world 
slept that Gabriel could let himself believe he was normal. As soon
 as the sun rose, it would illuminate the truth Gabriel wasn’t 
normal and he never could be. He was a condemned man. While there 
were no markings on his body, Gabriel knew the truth. His time was 
short. For the last few days he’d felt the intense eyes of death 
watching him. In a few days he’d be dead. There were no words 
anyone could speak to convince him otherwise.

That’s all you’re getting for now. Maybe you’ll get a quote from the book tomorrow. Who knows. That’s enough from me. I’ve got a book to write and it’s not going to write itself.


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2 responses to “Blogging 365?

  1. Cassie

    15/01/2012 at 3:23 pm

    That seems so daunting to me, but you can do it – good luck!

  2. Writing Jobs

    15/01/2012 at 5:35 pm

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