Submerged in Ecstasy

04 Mar

Okay so I’m going to make this quick. I’m looking for some opinions on the blurb for Submerged in Ecstasy. So here it is. 

A fragmented soul…

Cursed to bear the sins of any he touches, Gabriel has experienced things no man should ever live with. With each death a piece of his black soul is left in the underworld, slowly killing the faint remnants of his humanity. With his poison skin, love is impossible…at least it was until Elle forced her way into his life. 

A timeless dream…

To have her chance to love her soul mate, Elle gave up everything. When she made her pact with the devil she never thought it would take over two hundred years to meet the only one who could save her from a seer’s inevitable fate.

A love strong enough to change the world.

Despite trying everything to keep her at arm’s length, Elle creeps into Gabriel’s heart. Soon he will do anything to keep her but when the fate of the world hangs in the balance will he be able to save the love he never wanted or will the heavens tear them apart?

What do you think?


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2 responses to “Submerged in Ecstasy

  1. Francine

    04/03/2012 at 11:12 am

    It’s great! Im really keen on reading it now! Gabriel sounds very interesting, and I can’t wait to read his story! I hope you release it on ebooks soon! 🙂

    • Jennyt82

      04/03/2012 at 8:29 pm

      It should be coming out in the next few days!


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