Long time no see

25 Mar

I realised the other day that it’s been far too long since I posted on my blog and it’s been even longer since I ran a competition and I love running those.

Well what can I say except I’ve been manically busy. While I love writing I’m not big enough to give up on the 9-5 which at the moment means I must continue studying. I’m training to be a teacher and while I love the kids I’d much rather be doing this. =(

And on that note I feel that I should tell you of a predicament I find myself in. I have writer’s block! I find myself struggling to get motivated to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) but the thing is I really want to write Wyatt’s story….The last time I had this issue I resorted to fictionpress and the comments that I got there motivated me to push myself and get writing.

I’m not going down that route because I don’t feel it’s fair to all readers BUT I thought that maybe you guys could help me.

Here’s what I’m suggesting. A guessing competition. You guys try to guess what Wyatt’s book is going to be called hence giving me motivating feedback and the winner gets either one of the books in the wolf series or a chance to read the first chapter of Wyatt’s story. I’d give you more but I haven’t managed to complete the second chapter just yet.

Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know!


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5 responses to “Long time no see

  1. Kassandra Duric

    26/03/2012 at 7:37 pm

    Well I do think that having us guess the name of the book would be a good way to possibly get you back on that hose you seem to have fallen off of, but I think you should give fictionpress another chance if it seemed to help you out earlier on in your writing carrier. Only this time instead of keeping the stories up for a long period of time, leave the hole story up for maybe a month, and then take it down and where the book once was posted, maybe have a snippet of your story and a linkage as to where we can purchase it if we wanna read more. ^_^ I miss my weekly happy time lol

  2. Jennyt82

    26/03/2012 at 7:42 pm

    I miss my weekly comments! The only downside is that I left Whirlwind of Pleasure available for a week and I got this email….


    i have been reading all your books, i got start first when i started reading Whirlwind of Pleasure on FictionPress
    then i read that there were some kind of problem with the copyrights of your book
    and beacuse i really loved the first one i continu on reading and buying your other books via Smashwods

    but, after reading what i thaught was only part of Whirlwind of Pleasure
    so u payed for it on Smashwods, but after paying for the book i undarsoad that there is no more chapthers and no that ialready read the hole book becuse he was fully published on FictionPress

    so this isn’t fair so i would like a refund of my money only for the last book (Whirlwind of Pleasure).. 😦
    please help me


    ****************************************************************************************************************************I thought I’d been quite explicit in what I was doing at the time but maybe I was wrong….Anyway, I don’t particularly want to cause the same problem for someone else so I’m trying to work around the problem….
    Maybe if I posted the first few chapters on fictionpress just until I got my mojo back and then stopped…..What do you think?

    • Kassandra Duric

      28/03/2012 at 5:57 pm

      I think this person was just being a ninny. I mean so what if you have the book available on line even for a short period of time or full time? I think that person should have done a little more research. I know for me and my fiance (particularly my fiance) we like to read portions sometimes the entire book on line, if it’s available, before we buy it. It gives us a little bit of an incite on what the book’s gonna be like and this way we don’t go wasting $5-50 (depending on the book because we don’t like those electronic books lol) on a book that turns out to be a waist of money. Yes we can just give that book to someone else who can read it, but who knows if it will ever make it to someone that will enjoy it or just wind up in the trash. So I say you e-mail this person who sent you that e-mail and explain that it was only up for a short period of time to give your potential readers incite on the book, tell her she’s not getting a refund, and start posting again. Especially if they helped you with all your writing. I love buying the books, but I love my weekly suspensions as well. I haven’t had a good dream since you stopped posting T_T lmao

  3. Alicia Adams

    27/03/2012 at 11:05 am

    So. .

    HI Jenny!

    About the problem, maybe you should just indicate the details elaborately for the readers whereas that wouldnt hapPen anym0re.

    I think what you did is fine. The coMpetition perks up the readErs, buT yeah. . Copyright is a pRoblem. It would be your choice.

    . . The title? . . Im n0t sure if Im making a fo0l of myself to participate since I d0nt kn0w where to start.
    Wyatt is EricA’s brother, right?
    If the title would be like the others, I’m guesSing a title. How about A Wolf’s Desire?
    A Wolf’s Revenge?
    A Wolf’s Fear?

    Haha. . I’m silLy. .
    WilL you answer a questi0n? Where cAn I read Whirlwind of Pleasure? The c0mplete oNe for freE? Or if it’s n0t for freE. . WilL I be aBle to buy it even if Im fr0m Asia? I d0nt kn0w how it works. Po0r me. Thank you so much.

    • Jennyt82

      27/03/2012 at 5:41 pm

      You’re not being silly and thanks for your suggestions about what I could do regarding the book. I had been VERY explicit the last time even from the very first chapter but that didn’t work apparently…..
      As for Whirlwind of Pleasure it’s not available in its complete form for free anywhere online. I would really like to do writing full time as my occupation and that can’t happen if I can’t make a living and survive on my book’s income. As for you being in Asia that isn’t a problem. All of my books are available on and which are both international.

      You made some good guesses I’m not going to tell you if they’re correct because the competition hasn’t started yet but watch this space and please post your suggestions on the page that has the details for the competition.



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