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A Wolf’s Obsession Character interviews answers – Kassandra


I just wanna know what happened to Emily to make it so Kass smells like her and how Wyatt is surviving with his wolf and him not getting along.

Answer – Wyatt:

How am I surviving with my wolf? I’m not. We’re at war. Emily is gone. Dead. If it were up to me I’d have joined her but my two sisters are determined that I keep living. If only they could understand what it means for a wolf to lose their mate….I’d never wish that to happen to them but they have no idea how pointless life is without Emily. Everyday I wake up and wish that I hadn’t. I never understood why my father decided that we weren’t worth living for but now I completely understand. And as for why Kass smells like Emily. I have no fucking idea but I’m going to find out. I thought my mate was dead but if there’s even the slightest chance that she’s alive then nothing is going to stop me from getting to her. If this Kass knows then she had better tell me otherwise….she’s going to suffer. She’s going to wish she could die but I’ll keep her alive until she tells me everything that I need to know. I’ve survived years without Emily and that’s taught me one thing. How to be completely ruthless.


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A Wolf’s Obsession Character interviews answers- Amethyst

Question for Jennifer T. Alli

so i have a question for you actually you have a lot of male characters named michael and i was just wondering why that is because sometimes it gets confusing for the reader to realize who you’re talking about like Erica’s friend’s mate is michael, erica’s son is michael and there’s a michael in this story.




Honestly….I’m a panster writer and so I didn’t realise that there were so many Michaels running about in my stories. I give characters names as and when they’re required and clearly Michael has decided to take up residence in my subconscious as my go to name. Having thought about it I’ve decided to remove this Michael from the pages and replace his name with Charlie (a name I’m sure I haven’t used) because I don’t want there to be any confusion later in the story so thank you for pointing that out to me!



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A Wolf’s Obsession Character interviews

Hiya guys,

I am still without a house but I am working hard to get A Wolf’s Obsession complete. I’ve done another two chapters since the last time I posted here but I am looking for inspiration and so I look to you. I’ve decided to do character interviews but I’m not going to be asking the questions that I leave to you.

After reading the first chapter are there any questions you have for the characters?

Here’s what I was thinking. If you have a question then you just leave a comment with your question and the characters will be more than happy to answer them for you!

I’ve got to go and hassle an estate agent and work on the next chapter.


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A Wolf’s Obsession – Chapter two (Part one)

So I had hoped to get this out to you guys much sooner but life has a habit of conspiring against you especially when you’re dealing with dreaded estate agents. For those of you that have had dealings with them then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about and for those of you that haven’t had the misfortune….don’t worry they’ll get to you in time!!

So without further ado I present the next chapter of A Wolf’s Obsession!


Chapter Two

Kass knew the moment she opened her eyes that she wasn’t at home. As the events of the previous night rushed to the front of her mind, it was a struggle to stop her heart from racing again. The opulent golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling told her that she was most certainly not in a hospital and as she couldn’t remember anything after the second gun shot it was obvious that she hadn’t brought herself here. That left her only one other option. Suddenly she wished she was back with the gunmen.

Keeping as still as possible, she glanced around the room cautiously trying not to alert whoever had brought her here that she was awake. As she took in the furniture of the room and the non-existent restraints she breathed a sigh of relief and sat up. Her head fell into her waiting hands and a relieved smile came to her soft lips.

“One. I’m alive. Two. I’m not tied down and three I wasn’t shot. It could be a lot worse.” She chuckled softly to herself. “Hell, it has been a lot worse.” Being inside a luxurious bedroom was definitely a step up from being tied down to a medical gurney. She’d take her current surroundings over her previous ones any day. She was sure of it, until her eyes locked with a pair of glowing golden orbs coming from a dark corner of the room. As the eyes moved closer she scooted back on the bed until her back hit the headboard with a soft thud.

“Stay away from me,” she said softly, holding her hands out to defend herself from any attack.

The eyes kept coming closer until they were in the light and she could see the face attached to the strange orbs that looked like they wanted to devour her whole.

“You. You were at the diner.”

Cracking his bloody knuckles, Wyatt couldn’t help but sigh in disappointment when he saw her brown eyes. At the back of his mind he’d hoped that his wolf was right but now he knew really was going crazy, his wolf had just descended into madness first. The woman in front of him was not his mate and he would do well to remember that, particularly if he she didn’t tell him what he needed to know. It went against every protective instinct he possessed to even be contemplating hurting the fragile creature in his bed but there was nothing he wouldn’t do to reach Emily. Her name a talisman in his mind, he strode forward until mere inches separated them. Her scent was still clouding his mind, making his wolf mad with the need to touch her, kiss her and claim her. Unbidden, his eyes fell to the soft looking skin of her throat, his wolf filling his mind with images of their mark resting there.

“Stop it,” he scowled.

“I haven’t done anything,” Kass said carefully.

She didn’t know anything about this man except that he looked dangerous. The long hair hanging around his shoulders was as thick and unkempt as his beard and neither made him look peaceful. His arms bulged with muscle and the tips of his nails looked like they had been filed into sharp points. His eyes made her nervous, the shifting colours in his golden orbs warning her that he might not be wearing contacts as she had first thought. Until she found out exactly what he wanted, it would be wise not to anger him.

Growling, Wyatt pulled away from his wolf and focused on the woman in front of him. The quicker he got the information from her, the quicker he could be on his way to finding Emily.

Recognition made Kass’ eyes widen. “You. You saved me from those men.”

Wyatt nodded in agreement, stopping just short of the bed. To move any closer to her was to put himself at risk. He’d fought his wolf ruthlessly while he’d waited for her to open her eyes. The suite was large but with her smell tempting him relentlessly it had been a struggle to even be in the same room as her. His wolf was obsessed with touching her body, kissing her lips and tasting her skin and it had taken everything he’d had to stop himself giving into the wolf’s demands.

“Where am I and why have you brought me here?”

“I found you in your car, the door wasn’t locked.”

Wyatt’s wolf growled at the reminder, pacing anxiously at the back of his mind. Even though it was what had helped him find her, his mate had put herself at great risk by not locking the car. If it had been anyone else but him…The wolf howled in anger.

“That doesn’t explain why you brought me here. You don’t know me. I could live in my car.”

The wolf’s emotions were spreading and despite himself, Wyatt moved closer and leaned over her until only inches separated them. A fragile creature like her deserved to live in the lap of luxury not in the backseat of her run down old car. Winter was coming fast; she’d freeze to death if she had to spend it in the tin shell he’d found her in. “Do you live in your car?”

Unnerved by the anger in the simple question Kass shook her head vigorously. “No,” she managed to croak. The swirling depths of his amber eyes were entrancing and she found herself watching the shifting colours that moved about in his golden gaze. The colour wasn’t human but she found herself strangely comforted by the heat in his stare. Just as she felt her body begin to relax, he spoke and ruined everything.

“I brought you here so I could ask you some questions. Where is Emily?”

Her body tensed, suddenly on full alert. There was only one reason he would be asking about Emily. He knew her secret. The safety she’d found so fleetingly evaporated in an instant. She had to get out of here as quickly as possible. “I don’t know who you’re talking about.” She gave him a shaky smile and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. “Thanks for saving me from those men. I have to meet a friend, she’s expecting me. If I don’t get there soon she’ll worry and call the police. I don’t want them to waste their time looking for me.” Just breathe, she told herself as she got to her feet. Her eyes met his and her heart stopped. The tenderness that had been in his eyes had disappeared and now savage fury poured from his gaze.


His hand was around her throat before she could even try to defend herself.

What are you doing! his wolf roared, the sound making his ears feel as though they were about to burst. Get your hands off our mate or I’ll find a way to kill you myself.

She’s lying. She knows where Emily is. You can smell the lie as well as I can. “I know you’re lying,” Wyatt growled. Pressure built in his temples, the wolf straining against him, until he was forced to drop her back to the bed. “Tell me where Emily is.”

Breathing hard, Kass clutched her throat and stared up at the man that had once been her saviour. She’d been right, there was strength in those arms and he could kill her if that was what he wanted and right now it seemed like an all together likely possibility that was exactly what was going to happen. “Please, just let me go. I don’t know whoever it is you’re looking for. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. I’ll never tell anyone that I met you. I’ll disappear if that’s what you want. Just let me go.”

He leaned in close and Kass tried hard to widen the distance between them but it was pointless, there was nowhere for her to go. Closing her eyes tight, she tried to avoid his penetrating stare but his rough voice wormed its way into her ears, blocking out everything but his words.

“I know you’re lying. I can smell it. Tell me where Emily is and then I’ll let you go.” He cracked his knuckles torn between wanted to caress her face, wiping away the terror that was pouring from her skin and wanting to strangle her until she gave up her secret.

“I can’t,” Kass squeaked.

Roaring, Wyatt pulled back and punched his fist into the wall.

Terrified, Kassandra watched as he single handedly demolished the wall, mortar crumbling around him as he beat a vicious tattoo of rage into the brick. He’s going to kill me. It should have been impossible for a single person to create so much destruction but the man in front of her was proving her wrong.

Body shaking, Wyatt tried to catch his breath and turned to the woman who was intent on driving him mad.  Her wide brown eyes turned his stomach. Memories assaulted him of how perfectly her body had fit against his as he’d carried her up into his hotel suite. She was tiny in comparison to his hulking strength but she had nothing to fear from him. A fragile flower like her should be protected; she should never be cringing in fear as though she expected him to strike her.

You’re the one that had your hand around her throat! Look at what you did to her. Look at the bruises you made on our mate!

The wolf’s words drew his eyes to the pale skin of her throat and the purple marks forming from his handling of her. She isn’t our mate, he retorted angrily. She can’t be. She looks nothing like Emily.

The last time he’d seen Emily, she’d been as tall as an Amazon and just as confident. The woman in front of him with her red hair, pale skin and tiny frame was nothing like his mate despite what she smelled liked.

She must be protecting her. She must be. I just have to calm down long enough to get her to tell me. “Look, I just want to know where she is. I’m not going to hurt her. I promise.” A sense of desperation washed over him and he fell to his knees. “Please, you have to help me. You can trust me.”

Blinking in disbelief, Kass fought the urge to laugh at his words. “You want me to trust you? When you look like you want to kill everyone and you’ve already had your hands around my throat? Please…just let me go.”

“I can’t.” His heart twisted inside his chest as he watched tears form in her eyes. The sight of them running down her face almost sent him over the edge but a quick glance at the wall he’d demolished reined in the worst of his anger. He couldn’t afford to lose control again if he wanted her to trust him enough to tell him where Emily was.

You could also try to at least look like what you know what it is to be clean. It’s no wonder our mate wants nothing to do with us, you look like a lunatic.

Running a hand over the coarse hair of his beard and knowing that his long hair was tangled and matted with dirt Wyatt couldn’t help but agree with his wolf’s description. “Kass?”

The sound of her name coming from his lips sent a shiver down Kassandra’s spine. Although her kidnapper looked like a wild man he did have a very sensual voice and as goosebumps appeared on her skin she couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like beneath all his hair. “How do you know my name?” she squeaked grabbing onto anything that wasn’t her unreasonable attraction to a man that clearly was on the wrong side of crazy.

Smiling, he pointed to her name badge. “It’s on your chest.” His eyes drank in the gentle curve of her breasts, his wolf howling in appreciation at the soft bounty.


“I need you to understand what’s going on so listen. I’m not going to hurt you but I need to find Emily and you’re the only one who knows where she is. So until you tell me what I need to know I’m not going to let you leave.”

“You can’t keep me prisoner here. People will know that I’m missing. They’ll come looking for me.”

He shrugged. “No one knows who I am so they won’t be looking for me when they’re looking for you.”

Her eyes flickered to the door, scanning the windows for any possible escape route and he growled at the thought of her getting away from him. Until he found Emily she wouldn’t be going anywhere without him. “I know what you’re thinking but let me tell you it’s a waste of energy. You’re not going to be getting away from me until I have the information I want. You can’t escape from here.”

“And where exactly is here?”

“A hotel.”

Her heart quickened at his words. Hotels meant people and if she could just get a message to the outside world she could get away.

Wyatt’s smile widened. Her face was so expressive he could see her every thought as it went through her brain. She was adorable. Emily will be just as loveable, he thought to himself as the treacherous idea came to him. “Just so you know I own this hotel.” Well the clan does. “No one here will help you. They’ve all been given strict orders to bring you back to me if they see you alone. Not that you’d be able to even get down to the lobby to make one of them aware of you. We’re on the top floor of the hotel and there are no stairs that lead here. The only way you can get to this floor is by using the lift and the only way to open the lift is with my fingerprint and retina scan.”

Her hopeful expression fell with his every word until completely dejected she sank back into the mattress.

“I can take you down to the lobby if you tell me where I can find Emily.”

“You know I can’t tell you that.”

“Then I’m going to have a shower. Make yourself at home.”

Stunned, Kass watched as her former saviour walked away from her as though she were a guest and not a prisoner. I can’t stay here. It didn’t matter that he’d just explained that there was no way she could get away from him, she had to try. It was clear that he was new to the organisation but if he contacted any of them then word would inevitably get back to Ethan and then all bets would be off. As soon as she heard the shower start she was out of bed like a rocket. Her life was on the line, she couldn’t afford to waste anymore time wondering how her saviour had turned into her biggest threat.

Running from the bedroom she stumbled into the living room. Her vision was so narrowed on escape that she didn’t care that it was probably the biggest one she’d ever seen. All that mattered was escape. She had to get home. There! Running as silently as she could, she grabbed the handle that would open the door taking her to freedom and pulled hard. Nothing happened, the door didn’t move not even an inch. She pulled again and still nothing. A scream bubbled up in her throat and she almost let it out as frustration boiled inside her. Her eyes fell to the palm scanner nestled conveniently in the nook the door and she cursed.

A window. Another means of escape upper most in her mind she fled to the large glass window, ready to jump to freedom. A quick glance at the dizzying heights she could see had her backpedalling away in fear. When he’d said top floor he hadn’t been kidding. The whole city was laid out in front of her, the people going about their business below the size of ants. Balling her fists in anger and barely resisting the urge to scream, Kass dashed from the window in search of another door. Everywhere she looked was a dead end.

Furious she ran back to the living room and eyed the scanner with hatred blazing from her eyes. Her body was moving before she could stop it and her fists pounded the loathed device until they were red and sore.

If I can’t get out of here then I need to call Michael and tell him what’s going on. Thumping the door hard, she dashed away, ignoring the throbbing of her palm in her new quest to reach a phone.

It didn’t take her long to find one.

“Yes!” she crowed, spotting a slim phone lying on the coffee table.

The familiar number flew from her fingertips and she could have sobbed in relief when she heard the phone ring. Conscious of the man only a room away, she moved to hide behind the sofa and hoped that Michael answered before her captor finished his shower. “Come on Michael. Pick up. Please pick up!”


Tears welled in her eyes as his voice came to her ears. “Michael, thank god it’s you!”


“Michael,” she sobbed. “I need help. I’ve been caught.”

His voice was tense and Kass knew that his fists were clenched in anger as he sought to protect her. “Is it Ethan?”

“He’s not here but I’m sure it’s one of his men. He keeps asking me to tell him where Emily is.”

“Has he hurt you?” he demanded angrily.

Her hand went to her throat and the bruises she knew were forming. It was on the tip of her tongue to confess to Michael exactly what he’d done but something in her rebelled at the thought of letting anyone know exactly what happened between them. “Not really. He must be new because I don’t think they told him everything otherwise I things might be different. He just seems so lost.”

“Kass, that had better not be sympathy I’m hearing. He is the enemy you can’t forget that.”

“I won’t Michael. I promise.”

“Good. Now where are you? Can you escape?”

“I don’t know. He said we’re in a hotel but I don’t know where it is or what it’s called and I doubt anyone will help me get away from him.”

“You said he doesn’t know everything?”

The shower stopped running and Kass knew her time was short. “Yes,” she rushed.

“Then bide your time. Don’t do anything to aggravate him, make him think that he can trust you and as soon as you can, you get outside and make the biggest fuss imaginable. Can you do that?”

She nodded. “Yes. Michael…I don’t have my pills.”

He cursed loudly and Kass felt her stomach drop. “You need those pills.”

Her voice was soft. “I know.”

Michael’s calm voice was quickly becoming agitated and Kass could tell he’d started to pace. He always paced when he was worried and this was certainly something to worry about. “When was the last time you took them?”

“Is it still Tuesday?”

“No, it’s Wednesday.”

The darkness of the sky told her that it was Wednesday night and she sighed. “I took them on Tuesday morning before my shift started at work.”

A string of curses greeted her announcement. “You’re meant to take them everyday.” A deep sigh came down the phone. “Just stay as calm as you can for as long as you can okay?”

“I’ll try.” A heavy sigh fell from her lips. “Why won’t they just leave me alone?”

“Because men will always want more than they have?”

“What if I can’t get away Michael? What if they take me to that place like they took Emily? If that happens….”

“It’s not going to happen Kass. I’m going to keep you safe.”

The heavy sound of footsteps made her whole body tense. Her eyes darted towards the door leading into the bedroom. She could hear him moving about as he got dressed, his footsteps coming closer and closer. There was no mistaking that he was coming for her. “Michael, he’s coming. I have to go.”

“Stay safe Kass, you have to look after yourself until I can track you down. You’re so close. We just have to wait another month…”

“I know but Michael if I can’t make it…I just want you to know how much I love you…you’re the best dad I’ve ever had.” His footsteps came closer and Kass knew her time was up. “Bye Michael, I love you.”

“Love you too.”


Okay so that’s all from me for now. Let me know what you thought so I can be inspired to get more written!


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