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One step closer!

Editing is going very well and I’m so close that I can taste it!

I am one step closer to release now that I’ve written the blurb so I thought I’d share it with you so you can let me know what you think!


Finding her was easy.

Most werewolves spend decades of their immortal lives searching for their mate. Wyatt had found his in years. The problem? They were both children. Forced to wait for the moment he could claim her, Wyatt had had watched her from afar, his every thought of the moment he and his mate could be together. When his mate was taken from him, his sanity went with her and he was pushed to the edge. Half feral and wracked by violent urges, he’s now more wolf than man. Walking a tightrope between sanity and madness he can’t afford to let anyone close but meeting Kass changes everything.

Getting rid of him was hard.

Kassandra has problems. A faulty heart and a mad man determined to cut it from her chest while she’s still alive. She doesn’t have time to deal with the wolf barging into her life especially when he can’t seem to decide whether he wants to strangle her or kiss her senseless. Despite all reason and logic she can’t seem to help being attracted to the mad wolf but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stick around when her problems are working hard to see her dead. It’s too bad he’s decided that she isn’t going anywhere.

Being together was inevitable.

As old and new enemies make themselves known, Wyatt and Kass find themselves drawn together. Their only chance at surviving is in the others arms but is the safety Kass finds in Wyatt’s embrace an illusion? Can she truly survive being the object of a wolf’s obsession or will his love kill her for a second time?


Well you’ll have to let me know what you think. In the meantime I have work to do. Wish me luck.


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I made it!!!

From this

writers block

To this


It’s taken me almost a year but I’ve made it!!

Today marks the day that I complete A Wolf’s Obsession! It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve loved every minute of writing Wyatt and Kass’ relationship but all good things have to end at some point and that point is now!

I’ve moved on to the editing stage and once that’s done then I’ll get it all released for you wonderful readers. Let me edit chapter 7 and I’ll get that to you this weekend via the blog!


I’m not dead….I’ve just had writer’s block

So I’ve done it again. I’ve gone for weeks, maybe even months without posting anything or updating any of my means of talking to my readers. It just so happens that I am not dead I’ve just been experiencing that awful state of stuck known as writer’s block. It happens with all of my books. Whenever I begin to reach the end of a book I get stuck. I personally think that it has something to do with me being so in love with the characters and their story that I don’t want it to come to an end. I’m easily distracted you see so it doesn’t take much to get me to this point.

The other day however I reached a turning point and was able to put pen to paper and get some ideas down. It wasn’t thousands of words but after having written maybe (if I was lucky) 20 words a day for weeks on end, it was a breakthrough. Now as I sit here typing away it becomes apparent to me that what I should have done when I got stuck was to write something up here because some writing is better than none!

To those of you that are wondering when A Wolf’s Obsession will be finished here’s the skinny.

I think I have another 4 maybe 5 chapters to do and then it’ll be done. If each chapter averages about 3,000 words then that means there are another 15,000 to be written before it’ll be over. Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought it was. The good news is that I’m now in writer mode which means that I’m going to be answering questions and writing and I do mean writing…not typing. My lovely partner has decided that my keyboard is better served with him than me. I’ll try to get it back soon so that I can get things typed up while my mind is still buzzing with ideas.

On the plus side there WILL be an update to A Wolf’s Obsession out this week. I’m aiming for tomorrow but if it’s not there then nag me until it happens! Until next time.


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Wow….it’s been far too long

I have been meaning to update my blog for months and now that I have some spare time I logon and realise that I haven’t posted anything since last year and that I haven’t put up any more of a Wolf’s Obsession since October. Obviously I slapped myself hard on the wrist and am going to immediately rectify the situation. Thankfully despite the fact that I have been woefully negligent in my responsibilities on my blog it is heartening to know that I am making progress on writing the book. The word count bar along the side read at 57,000 but the word count on the doc file reads at 77,000. So 20,000 words down that’s a definite sign of progress. Enough of my rambling I’d better get posting.


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A Wolf’s Obsession Character interviews answers- Amethyst

Question for Jennifer T. Alli

so i have a question for you actually you have a lot of male characters named michael and i was just wondering why that is because sometimes it gets confusing for the reader to realize who you’re talking about like Erica’s friend’s mate is michael, erica’s son is michael and there’s a michael in this story.




Honestly….I’m a panster writer and so I didn’t realise that there were so many Michaels running about in my stories. I give characters names as and when they’re required and clearly Michael has decided to take up residence in my subconscious as my go to name. Having thought about it I’ve decided to remove this Michael from the pages and replace his name with Charlie (a name I’m sure I haven’t used) because I don’t want there to be any confusion later in the story so thank you for pointing that out to me!



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Submerged in Ecstasy

Okay so I’m going to make this quick. I’m looking for some opinions on the blurb for Submerged in Ecstasy. So here it is. 

A fragmented soul…

Cursed to bear the sins of any he touches, Gabriel has experienced things no man should ever live with. With each death a piece of his black soul is left in the underworld, slowly killing the faint remnants of his humanity. With his poison skin, love is impossible…at least it was until Elle forced her way into his life. 

A timeless dream…

To have her chance to love her soul mate, Elle gave up everything. When she made her pact with the devil she never thought it would take over two hundred years to meet the only one who could save her from a seer’s inevitable fate.

A love strong enough to change the world.

Despite trying everything to keep her at arm’s length, Elle creeps into Gabriel’s heart. Soon he will do anything to keep her but when the fate of the world hangs in the balance will he be able to save the love he never wanted or will the heavens tear them apart?

What do you think?


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It’s been a while….

….but I’ve been mega busy.

Okay I know now that any hope I’d once had at blogging 365 is long gone since I haven’t written anything here in well over a month but the good news is I’ve been doing lots of writing elsewhere. I’ve finished Submerged in Ecstasy AND not only that but I have started the first chapter of my next book! I’m making a return to form with the next one and we’re going back to the world of the wolves from A Wolf’s Duty, A Wolf’s Oath and A Wolf’s Pride. So apologies for the delayed in blogging but hopefully with the advent of this good news all will be forgiven.