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And the winners are….

So I’ve made it to the other side of my brimming hat of names and have the results.

Now normally I have 2 winners but the response to this month’s hop was so phenomenal that I’m going to DOUBLE that number so instead of 2 winners I’m going to have FOUR!!!

So are you ready? In no particular order the winners and the books they’ve won are:

  • Cindy Bailey – Rocked by Passion

  • Stefan – A Wolf’s Duty

  • Bumble Noodle Q-Tipper – A Wolf’s Oath

  • Jennifer S – Seared by Desire


Now all you have to do is let me know which ebook format you’d like your prize in (kindle, nook, pdf etc)
All the winners have 48 hours to get in touch with me or I’ll get my hat back out and your prize will be given to someone else.
Well done again!
For everyone that didn’t win this time around thanks for taking part! I would normally say that you can try again next month but I don’t think I’ll be taking part in any hops for November. You have to understand that’s when Skyrim is released and I lose any free time I might once have had ūüėČ
I hope you all really enjoyed the hop and maybe I’ll see you in December. I love the holidays and tend to get particularly nice around that time!

It’s alive!!! – A Wolf’s Duty


So the results are in and the first interview is going to be with characters from A Wolf’s Duty. So this week it’s Alex who is in control and with that I’m going to introduce you and bow out of the picture.¬†

JTA: Alex, say hi to the lovely people.


JTA: Well I’ve left you some questions, make sure you answer them all.

Alex: Wait, you’re leaving?

JTA: Of course. I said I was letting you guys be in control for a while. Trust me you’ll be fine.

Alex: You can’t really expect me to talk to all these people!

JTA: Like I said you’ll be fine. *whispers¬†conspiratorially against her ear* No one out there is going to hurt you. Fred is gone and you’re strong, you’ve proved that time and time again.

Alex: *Nods slowly*

JTA: Well I’m off! I’ve kept the questions simple but people might ask you more as the week goes on. Good luck Alex!

Alex:…..So I guess it’s just you, me and this list of questions. I’ll just get started and then you can be on your way. I don’t understand why she didn’t start with Tobias, he’s got much more experience at this than I do. If you haven’t guessed already I’m not really the biggest fan of public speaking but there is a reason for that. Let me just crack on with the questions okay?

What’s your biggest fear?

My father. I know he’s dead now, Tobias and Ryan made sure of that but there are still some nights I wake up and think that he’s standing over me ready to hurt me and Tobias. It’s silly I know, Tobias is much stronger than Fred and he’s more than capable of protecting us both but it’s hard to make my brain remember that when I’m asleep. I spent so many years afraid I think it’s going to be a very long time before I don’t have those kinds of nightmare anymore.¬†

If someone dared you to jump out of a plane (with a parachute) would you?

Are you insane? I could never do that! Maybe I need to rethink my fears. That sounds almost as scary as Fred. I know I’d heal if something went wrong but that’s the point, what if something went wrong? Besides, I’d love for someone to try to persuade Tobias that was safe. He’d do everything in his power to not let me go.

What is your earliest memory?

It isn’t pretty….I’m not sure I want to talk about it…..But I did promise….The first thing I can remember is my mum reading to me and Fred ruining it. We were reading ‘The Practical Princess’ which by the way is a must read for any young girl. It’s a series of short fairytales where the heroines and heroes don’t just wait for something to save them from mortal peril they sort out the problem themselves. I just wish I’d remembered it more when mum was gone. Anyway, we were reading the book and then Fred comes in….He was so drunk that night….He tore the book away from mum and dragged her out of the room by her hair. I tried to protect her but I was so young. I can still hear her screams.

What is your most prized possession?

That’s easy, I’ve only got one picture of my mum. I managed to hide it from Fred after she died. My mum is an inspiration to me and when I thought I’d never see her picture again….believe me I wasn’t happy about it. I just keep thinking that one day I’m going to forget what she looks like. I never want that to happen. After the picture, I’d have to say the locket Tobias gave to me is pretty special. I never take it off, I always want to keep him close to my heart.¬†

What is your ideal romance?

Before Tobias I never thought about romance, I didn’t have the time. I just wanted to survive the week….But now….Tobias is everything I could ever wish for. He can be a little – well a lot – overprotective at times but I know it’s because he wants to keep me safe. I think he’d lock me away in a tower if he could get away with it. He thinks the whole world is out to get me and he’s the only thing that can protect me from it. If I didn’t love him so much it would drive me crazy but I know he means well. If he’s all I can ever have then it would be enough.¬†

Alex: Thank God! The questions are over.

JTA: So Alex, how did it go?

Alex: You’re back?

JTA: Tobias made me come in and check on you. That man has issues. I told him you were fine but he wouldn’t hear of you being left alone. How do you deal with him?

Alex: *a secret smile comes to her lips* I have my ways.

JTA: But you managed all the questions right?

Alex: There weren’t nearly as many as I thought there was going to be so I did fine.

JTA: That’s because I want others to ask you questions. Mine are just a starter. You’re here all week to answer their questions.

Alex: *groans*

JTA: But the more important thing is this! Your book, A Wolf’s Duty, as well as all the others I’ve written are involved in a giveaway this week.

Alex: What does that mean?

JTA: It means there are copies of books up for grabs all week! All people need to do is enter.

Alex: Really?

JTA: Yup so if you’re up for learning more about Alex and that overbearing Tobias, head over to this page and get stuck in. Don’t forget to ask Alex any questions you might have, she’s here all week!



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Fall into pages Blog hop winners!!

This is going to be a really short post. I just want to say thank you to everyone who took part in the autumn blog hop, it was awesome meeting you all and I really hope you enjoyed meeting the characters from Seared by Desire and Rocked by Passion.

So without further ado I want to announce my winners!

Seared by Desire – luckywings

Rocked by Passion – Mera Sampson

If you both could let me know what ebook format you want that would be great. Until the next hop!!


A hop, skip and giveaway!

I have some questions for you…..

Who here likes books?

– Me

Who here likes free stuff?

– Me

Who here likes both?

– You?

Then you have to come and join the mega author blog hop tour!! Over 60 authors and bloggers have joined forces to talk books, meet new people and giveaway a mountain of free stuff. It’s happening today and lasts a week. 19th-26th September.

Most contests are open to international participants so what are you waiting for?

Get hopping.


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A Week of Giveaways

Now I’m not going to deny it, I’ve been a bit lax in¬†announcing¬†the winners of this weeks giveaway but I’ve been mega busy with back to¬†university¬†preparations. You’d think that seeing as this isn’t my first degree and I’ve done this all before I’d be better prepared….clearly not!!

But I decided just to blitz it in one day. So are you ready. I have a week’s worth of winners to announce. Fingers crossed you’re one of them!!

Day 2 – Sherry McCarver: A Wolf’s Duty

Day 3 – Cheah Ming Yi: Rocked by Passion

Day 4 ¬†– Sam: A Wolf’s Oath

Day 5 – Jess: Seared by Desire

I haven’t had any comment for today so if you’re not on the list fear not. You still have the chance to win!! So get tagging ūüėČ

And if you’re a winner…let me know what ereader you have so that I can get your book out to you.


10 days of Giveaways – Day One

So it’s the day after the giveaway before and guess what that means? It means that I get to announce a winner. Now it was a really close call between the wolves and the Elementals and by close I mean down to the wire! One tag changed it all and that one tag means that Rocked by Passion won!!!

So without further ado I’ll¬†announce¬†the winner!!

So for everyone that isn’t Leanne, that just means we have NINE more¬†days where you can win! So how to win? Tags of course! All you have to do is tag the book you want and then post here which book you tagged and which tag you went with!!!¬†

–¬†Seared by Desire
–¬†Rocked by Passion
–¬†A Wolf’s Duty
–¬†A Wolf’s Oath
–¬†A Wolf’s Pride

Don’t forget, there are other bloggers out there with lots of lovely freebies all for you. Go and visit them!

Ten days of Giveaways

Coffee Beans & Love Scenes Ten Days of Giveaways


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Tag!! You’re It! – An Author’s Guide

When you’re a self published author there isn’t much you don’t have to do for and by yourself and I for some reason have decided that I’m going to do everything by myself. I’m not going to deny it I’m quite clearly crazy. I’m going to blame it on that unique disease Writer’s madness. I’ve had it for sometime now so I personally am of the belief that its incurable. I’m alright with that fact though because it allows me to come up with the brilliant ideas for my books.
But seeing as I’m damned already I don’t think there’s a need for all of you to join me in my madness. Let’s try and keep it contained. We don’t want government officials quarantining all us writers for fear that our illness is contagious.

So for today’s lesson we’re going to focus on marketing!

Now like I said before when you’re a self published author like me you do a lot and if you don’t want that Writer’s madness to turn into a genuine case of insanity you have to learn quickly. What I learned this week was the importance of tags.

Tags? I hear you asking. What are they?
Have no fear my dear friends I’m all over the explanations. ūüôā
Tags are little markers that allow people to find your book based on the genres.
Let me tag my book Seared by Desire so that you get an idea of what I’m talking about.
-Paranormal Romance

Tags are the embodiment of that age old adage “Small but mighty.” Even though they’re only a few words long tags are important.

I can hear you questioning me again….Fine! Don’t ever say I don’t answer your questions. Tags help people find you and your book especially on amazon that most wondrous of websites where millions of people buy books everyday! I see understanding dawning in your eyes. Let me make sure we’re all on the same page though. You know when you’re looking for a new book but you’re not sure what author is going to do it for you….what do you do? I know exactly what you do because I’ve done it myself.
You head over to amazon and type a keyword into that little search box and are suddenly inundated with new ideas! Hundreds of authors pop up onto the page and do you know why? Tags!! The power of a few words should never be underestimated. Sadly lots of indie authors don’t seem to be aware of the power of tags. ūüôā I’ve seen so many great indie books with no tags at all. But that’s what this post is for. If you’re indie and proud then grab your amazon page and get tagging. The more people who agree with a tag the higher you appear in that mythical amazon search list.

Now I’m actually taking place in a giveaway this week called the Ten days of Giveaways!! And I thought I’d combine the giveaway with this week’s post.

Coffee Beans & Love Scenes Ten Days of Giveaways

So here’s what we’re going to do.¬†I’m going to put the power in your hands once again. I want you to get tagging. I’m going to be giving away a copy of a book every single day from today until the 14th of September.

Now I hear you asking how you win…It’s simple. I’ll decide which book gets given away based on the number of tags it gets. The more tags it gets the more likely it’ll be that day’s winner. So that’s how we pick what get’s given away. I can hear you asking how YOU win something. Simple.

Leave a comment that says why you’d like to read the book you’ve tagged and just click that button that let’s you subscribe to the blog so you know if you get chosen as a winner.

What do you want a chance to win?

–¬†Seared by Desire
–¬†Rocked by Passion
–¬†A Wolf’s Duty
–¬†A Wolf’s Oath
–¬†A Wolf’s Pride

The choice is completely up to you so get tagging and here’s how.

Click the book or books that you want to win, scroll down to the section that says tags and get clicking. Just put a tick into the box next to the word and your job is done. I think that’s enough from me. I’ll be back on Monday!

Remember 5 books, 10 days, get tagging and get winning!

Oh and before I forget. What do you think of the taglines for the Elemental Passions series. I just thought of them.
Seared by Desire – She’d burn the world to ashes to love him.
Rocked by Passion – He’d move worlds to keep her.
Whirlwind of Pleasure – She’d take on the heavens for a chance to love him.
Submerged in Ecstasy – He’d destroy the world to save her.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Now while I’m giving my books away there are other great blogs taking part in this 10 day giveaway so if you want my advice I’d go and visit them. It’s free stuff what more can I say?

Want more free stuff? Yes? Then just click here!


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