Rocked by Passion

Rocked by Passion (Elemental Passions)
by Jennifer T. Alli



A tormented soul.
Cursed from birth Kieron has only ever known loathing and fear, the spirit of earth that he carries within him cursing him to a lifetime of solitude. He stumbles upon Estraya, his connection to her strong and instantaneous but he fights against it knowing that it’s impossible for a monster like him to touch the stars.

A kindred spirit.
Sold into slavery by her family and hunted by a man crazed with the need to possess her, Estraya trusts no one. When she meets Kieron she sees him as nothing more than a means to achieving freedom but the wall around her guarded heart falls to his gruff words, her heart seeing him for the man he truly is.

A love strong enough to move worlds.
Determined to keep his curses from the only woman to see him as a man not a beast, Kieron vows to keep her safe within his arms. But as the past catches up to the present Kieron will have to use everything at his disposal, including the curses that have caused him nothing but misery, to save the woman who has given him his first taste of the fruits of passion.

Amazon Reviews:
  • It’s amazing the kind of world Jennifer T. Alli can create. Every character in every single of her books has so much depth that is not difficult to imagine them running around the real world. I specially like the way she can express feelings so well, when the characters realize that they were meant to be together you have no doubt whatsoever that it really was meant to happen. Only an amazing writer can do that in the length of one book.
    This book is probably one of my favorites and I can’t wait for her to continue her series.
  • This is my favorite book by Jennifer Alli thus far!! This book went above and beyond any other previously written work by the author, and the journey shared by the two main characters is intense and a hell of a ride.
    The funny part is that I feel this might’ve been the least popular work written by the author, whereas I feel this is the book that strongly shows that Jennifer Alli is a master at her craft (writing). The details, the characters, the descriptions..and just everything that happens in this book..they are all cleverly connected. Everything has a purpose in this book, and I think that’s so wonderful because oftentimes, I feel that authors introduce random characters or random ideas..and they fail to connect it to the main focus of the story.
    I encourage anyone looking for an adventure/mystery/romance book to pick this one up because there are so many twist and turns in this book, and the author does such a fantastic job of wrapping everything nicely at the end. I hate reading books in which I feel like I know what’s going to happen..but I never felt that way while reading this all. From the main character’s appearance to the ultimate “curse breaker”, I was just left in shock as the puzzles were pieced together, and I literally felt as if I were taking the same journey as the main characters. I discovered and learned things at the same time they did, which may be surprising because the author writes her books in third person. But, the third person narrative she uses is so unique in the way that you do not feel like an omniscient observer–no, instead you feel as if you are part of the story as well..taking those baby steps and trying to piece the puzzles together with the characters.
    Also, this book is definitely the most “passion-filled” out of all the books I’ve read from this author..and I couldn’t get enough of it!! It definitely isn’t overbearing because the author knows how much to give to the readers (enough to have you craving for more, while oddly leaving you satisfied). Also, this book moves at a relatively slow pace due to the many mysteries that surround the main characters–but again, it’s tastefully done. Well done to the author!!!

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