Rocked by Passion – Adventure

Ah, so you’re the adventurous type! I knew it!! You’re a risk taker, you love the thrill of going into danger. Well I’m glad you are! You see we’re taking a little trip with Estraya into the heart of adventure. What would you do to save the life of the man you loved? For Estraya there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to keep Kieron with her.

  • Question, would you steal for him?

  • That’s actually something I excel at so yes, I’d steal the crown from a king if it meant keeping Kieron.
  • What about breaking and entering?

  • Well usually it’s escaping but the process is essentially the same just in reverse so of course I’d break into a place for him. 
  • There doesn’t seem to be much you wouldn’t do for him. What about murder?

  • Anyone who stands between me and him doesn’t deserve to live.
So we've heard a little from the woman herself but are you ready to 
fall into adventure and see just how far she's willing to go for love? 
I hear a yes! Well then what are we waiting for! Let's go!!

If I’m lucky these statues will be everywhere. Wishful thinking, she scoffed, creeping out of the shadows and stalking the two new guards patrolling in front of her. As before when they began to turn the corner she ducked into the sanctuary provided by the next alcove and hid. Her heart began to race at the faint shimmer of gold at the end of her latest corridor. The gold formed a handle for a room she was certain belonged to Amir.

Hurry, her mind chastised.

The golden outline was becoming clearer when she heard voices in front of her. While this was not necessarily a reason to panic, guards were allowed to talk to each other after all; her heart was racing because the voices were coming closer to her. Men on patrol didn’t turn back on themselves; they relied on those at their backs to ensure nothing untoward was happening behind them. The voices coming closer to her were distinctly feminine and approaching her faster with each second that passed. Her head spun to look behind her and her panic increased. She wasn’t near a convenient alcove and the only way she would get to one would be to walk straight past the guards behind her. The corridor wasn’t wide enough for her to simply creep past the guards ahead of her by sticking close to a wall and hoping they wouldn’t see her out of the corner of their eyes. She was trapped.

Stay calm. Trapped doesn’t mean caught, she thought, reaching behind her back for her bow. She didn’t enjoy hurting people who were simply doing their jobs but if it came down to them or future then it was obvious what she was going to choose. After all she’d endured she deserved happiness and so did Kieron. And I’m going to get it for us, she decided, pulling an arrow taut against the string.

Her eyes were sharp as the bodies belonging to the voices came into view. Two women walked towards her unaware of the danger they were in. As soon as they saw her, her entire stance screaming aggression, their eyes widened. When one opened her lips Estraya knew she had to act fast. “Scream and I shoot,” she whispered darkly but it was too late.


Estraya’s ears burned from the loud scream that filled the halls and she knew she had to run. Even though she was skilled enough to shoot the two women in front of her with no effort, shooting them would only give the guards time to catch her.

Her bow still outstretched in front of her Estraya ran. She shot the two guards that had been behind her without even thinking. Two arrows left her bow one after the other, singing through the air and landing in the men’s thighs with a resounding thud. Running desperately, she nocked another arrow ready to shoot the next person she saw. Her arrow landed with equal accuracy to the last, felling the guard before her. As confidence in her escape mounted she was knocked to the ground, all air leaving her lungs, as she was pressed firm against the solid stone.

“Let me go!” she shouted, struggling wildly against the solid grip that bound her.

“Bring her to me,” a voice called. The woman’s voice was cold and haughty reminding her so much of Amir that she disliked her instantly.

Solid arms wrenched her from the ground and lifted her to her feet, dragging her towards the voice. From the corners of her eyes Estraya could see that they were beginning to attract attention. Sleeping bodies had been roused from their sleep by the shouting and the cries of pain the victims of her bow had released as they’d fallen helpless to the ground. Fear crept up her spine as more people left the safety of their rooms to investigate the commotion.

Amir will be coming. Her heart raced, the sound so loud that she could barely hear anything else. Stay calm, stay calm. She’d known that there was a risk she would be caught and had planned for that eventuality but fear consumed her thoughts regardless. Amir was not a forgiving man and she knew the hours she would be forced to endure in his company until her she managed to escape him again would be long and painful. I won’t let him take my body again. I belong with Kieron now and I’d rather die than let him taint me that way.

Excerpt from Rocked by Passion


So you’ve been down the path of the adventurer. Your next options?

You can see if the path of Action suits you any better or you can leave them both behind for Romance?




The choice is yours!!


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