Rocked by Passion Blog Hop – Summer Passions


Before I tell you anything about what I sensed about Kieron during that summer I have to tell you that I was handicapped!! From the moment I met him, Kieron wore a hood that meant I couldn’t see his face and if there was ever the slightest chance I might see what he was hiding under there he covered my eyes!!

But when I did see what he looked like….*phew* You’ll see…..


I should have known what Kieron was the first time I smelled him but earth elementals are rare where I’m from. I’d only ever seen one of them before and even that was from a distance. He smelled like the earth but not in the way you’d think. He didn’t smell like mud and dirt, he smelled wild…if freedom had a scent it would smell like Kieron and seeing how determined I was to be free it’s no wonder that I quickly became addicted to the smell of him!

He stepped forward, his stride unconsciously aggressive. She waited for the frisson of fear to run down her spine, for her palms to become damp with sweat, for her defensive anger to rise in correspondence with her racing pulse but the sensations never came.  He moved even closer, crowding her personal space with his massive bulk and filling the air with his intoxicating smell of fresh pine and earth. Still, she wasn’t afraid. What is wrong with me!? Just look at him, it’s obvious that he could snap my neck in half without even thinking about it! I can’t afford to be relaxed around him. Nibbling her lower lip in a nervous habit, she forced the cold words that at any other time would have come naturally, to leave her lips.


What can I say….He has the hands of a saint, a rogue saint I admit, but a saint nonetheless. Whenever he touched me I felt like my body was on fire. Considering my history with men I should have been repulsed by having him anywhere near me but with hands like Kieron’s…What can I say? I tried to resist but he his hands are lethal weapons. As soon as he touched me I literally felt my sanity fly out of the window. I’ve since given up on trying to retrieve it.

His lips were ferocious, demanding that she respond and as delicious heat filled her…she did. Estraya came alive in his embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself closer to him. Her mind became clouded with passion, thoughts becoming dim and increasingly unimportant. Though she was logically aware that having a man pressed so closely against her should have felt repulsive nothing could have been further from the truth. Her entire body was adrift in a sea of dizzying sensual bliss. The feel of Kieron’s firm lips, the heat from his body, the solid weight of his arms and the tantalising sensation of his increasingly ragged breathing all combined to make her skin sizzle with desire. She groaned against his lips stunned by her reaction to him.


Kieron gave me something infinitely precious. He gave me my first taste of freedom. After spending my entire life running away form people who wanted nothing more than to own me like I was a possession, Kieron treated me like a person. True, his kisses made me completely incapable of thought but when I was with him it felt like all of my senses were alive, like I was alive. When I was with him I felt free.

“This is the least I can do for someone who’s made me so happy. Things may be difficult for us down there but up here we have a measure of freedom and I wanted to share that with you.”

“Thank you Kieron. This means more to me than you can ever imagine.” She reached across the very short distance that separated them and pressed her lips against his. Their mouths moved languorously over each other’s, silently conveying hidden emotions that were edging closer to the surface with each moment they spent together. While on the ground they might have been bound by curses and past injustices but as they kissed high above the city in the beautiful night sky, their souls soared free.


His voice. What can I say about his voice? Whenever Kieron spoke it was a contradiction! The sound of his voice touched me in places I hadn’t thought possible but the words? They were awful. It was like he had the voice of an angel but only spoke things the devil would say! I loved to hear him speak but I dreaded to hear what he’d say at the same time. Thankfully things improved and now just the sound of his voice is enough to send shivers down my spine. 

The timbre of his voice was soothing; his body was reassuringly warm, solid to the touch and the arms wrapped around her protective. It was an undeniably strange sensation to feel so safe, so protected in the arms of a stranger but she clutched his shirt tightly, pressing closer to his body and the refuge it provided. Her breathing hitched as she tried to hold back the onslaught of emotion but her defences crumbled and she began to sob uncontrollably against him. The memories of her life in captivity flowed unhindered to the front of her mind as the realisation that she was finally free set in. She’d done it but Selena’s face reminded her that her freedom had come at a price and even now that price seemed too high to pay.


So like I said, Kieron kept his face hidden from me from the time I met him. I won’t tell you why I’ll just say that there was a definite communication error! I thought he hid his face because of one thing and he did nothing to enlighten me as to the truth until I demanded it. By then I was already in love with him, I didn’t care what he looked like but when he took off that damnable hood and showed me what he was hiding….Let’s just say it was a surprise I never expected.

She stared at his firm lips for a moment, recalling how perfectly they’d fit over her own before she lifted her eyes to meet his gaze. She sucked in a ragged breath realising that all his features worked in perfect harmony to accentuate the glowing orbs. The inky slashes that formed his eyebrows, the straight line of his nose, his high cheekbones and the thick lashes that surrounded them all served to draw her in. His emerald gaze was scalding now that there was nothing to obscure it and Estraya’s body temperature shot up. The simmering heat she always felt when she was so close to Kieron exploded within her.

Want to see what Kieron had to say on the matter? Then click that picture, you know you want to!


9 responses to “Rocked by Passion Blog Hop – Summer Passions

  1. Sapphyria

    22/08/2011 at 4:25 pm

    A lot can be conveyed by just a single brush of the arm, face, etc. It can be powerful, romantic, or shiver-inducing. Sometimes words aren’t needed–a touch can say it all.


    • jennyt82

      23/08/2011 at 5:31 pm

      I completely see where you’re coming from. Touch is an amazing emotion. I think it might have something to do with having something tangible to hold onto. Now the important question. Whose touch did you prefer. Kieron’s or Estraya’s?

      • Sapphyria

        23/08/2011 at 5:45 pm

        Kieron’s – A touch that has a body internally burst into flames upon contact and forces you to forget anything but raw magnetism- Wow!! Is there a cold shower around here somewhere?


  2. Shadow

    22/08/2011 at 11:46 pm

    How awesome! I love this! Wonderful giveaway! You put so much effort into this and you did a great job! Very fun. Im an email subscriber, i dont have twitter, and im a fan on facebook- shadow kohler. Thank you!

    • jennyt82

      23/08/2011 at 5:27 pm

      I really love having an interactive element to my blog hops. Yes it does take a little longer to get done but you guys are worth it. If you liked this hop you should take a look at last month’s hop! I know the contest isn’t technically running anymore but I’m really hoping to do another one like it in the future. The hop was a Treasure quest theme and was all sorts of awesome!

  3. Robin D

    23/08/2011 at 3:49 am

    Touch was my favorite too. It’s very sensual to me…

    Robin D
    robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • jennyt82

      23/08/2011 at 5:36 pm

      Okay I’ll let you have touch as your favourite. I do have another question for bonus points. If you had to rank the senses in preference order what would it be?

  4. BellaLovesYAbooks! (@BellsColella)

    24/08/2011 at 9:18 pm

    WOW amazing blog I LOVE It!!

    I have to say Touch as well!;)) hehehe Wink wink!!

    as well as following you al over!:)))

    • jennyt82

      27/08/2011 at 7:46 pm

      I’m winking right back at you! I’m glad you enjoyed the hop. I really try and make them as interactive as possible because I think that’s a much better way to get to know people but they are rather time consuming so it’s always lovely to hear that someone has enjoyed it!


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