Rocked by Passion – Romance

So you’re a romantic eh?

Well so am I!! That’s why I write what I write. I love it when two people overcome the odds to be together. I’m just a die hard romantic. I love those aah moments 😉 And seeing as you love them too let’s fall into the pages of Rocked by Passion and get our romantic craving sorted.

Jen: So Kieron, you’re a romantic! Do tell.

Kieron: No, I’m not a romantic. I’m just a man who happened to have romance fall into his path and then literally refuse to let him leave. I never wanted to be involved in a relationship. When you’re cursed like me you quickly learn it’s impossible. I nearly killed the last woman I thought I loved but Estraya was different and when I was with her I wanted to be different. I never intended to fall in love but there are some things that are inevitable no matter how hard you fight against them. Estraya was one of them.


“You’re mine Estraya and I’ll never give you to him.”

“Kieron what are you talking about?”

She never saw it coming, he moved so quickly. Grabbing her arm, Kieron pulled her against him, groaning in disbelief when their lips touched. Heat speared him, running through his body with the power of a herd of stampeding horses. Unable to prevent himself now that he’d succumbed to temptation, he pulled her closer, wrapping his arms around her slight body to prevent her from getting away.

His lips were ferocious, demanding that she respond and as delicious heat filled her…she did. Estraya came alive in his embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself closer to him. Her mind became clouded with passion, thoughts becoming dim and increasingly unimportant. Though she was logically aware that having a man pressed so closely against her should have felt repulsive nothing could have been further from the truth. Her entire body was adrift in a sea of dizzying sensual bliss. The feel of Kieron’s firm lips, the heat from his body, the solid weight of his arms and the tantalising sensation of his increasingly ragged breathing all combined to make her skin sizzle with desire. She groaned against his lips stunned by her reaction to him. Her breasts were heavy, her nipples aching for his touch and the heat racing through her veins was settling at the secret place between her thighs, her body clearly readying for his.

Kieron knew he was lost the moment their lips met but it dawned upon him that he was truly damned when Estraya’s lips parted on a pleasured moan. The sound rippled through him making his shaft harden in an instant. He ruthlessly took advantage of the opportunity she had unknowingly given him, his tongue slipping past her parted lips to lap against her own. Kieron plundered the warmth of her mouth, drawing her tongue into his mouth and demanding that she respond in kind. Of their own accord his hands began to move, drawing light circles against her hips. When she tentatively nibbled at his lips, desire coursed through his veins commanding that he take more. He lost himself in the kiss, in the sense of rightness that had settled in his heart the moment he’d brought their bodies together. His hands moved against her more firmly, reaching for the skin of her back, the desire for more intimate contact riding him hard.

His fingertips touched the raised skin that Amir’s beatings had created and his eyes flew open. His already racing heart sped up as panic and loathing gradually replaced his desire. Though it pained him almost like a physical injury, Kieron pulled away and shot to his feet. His chest was heaving and as he looked at Estraya’s flushed cheeks he realised that she too was struggling to catch her breath. Her eyes were glazed over and he cursed.

I’ve made her remember. I’ve made her think about that bastard and what he did to her. What is wrong with me? I promised not to hurt her and look what I’ve done! “Estraya, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I should never have done this. I’ll help you recover and then you’ll be free. I won’t bother you again.”

Though the pain of his words was almost debilitating, Kieron fled the cave, moving so quickly that he didn’t hear Estraya call for him to return or the soft sounds of her sobs. He never saw her tear stained face as loneliness enveloped her because the world she and Kieron had so carefully built during their short time together was crumbling without him there to help support it.


So now that your romantic cravings have been sorted are you up for a little paranormal?



One response to “Rocked by Passion – Romance

  1. Sherry Gloag

    20/09/2011 at 7:05 pm

    Great blog. Very intense.


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