Seared by Desire

Seared by Desire (Elemental Passions)
by Jennifer T. Alli



A cold heart –
For centuries Lucian has battled on two fronts. Defeating the Malachites, all that stand between him and becoming King of the vampires and the demon within himself, battling desperately for release. His attention stretched thin he has no time for women but Sara, his fiery bride won’t be denied.

A burning touch –
With a deadly curse hanging over her head, Sara knows her time is short. Placing her life in Lucian’s hands is a risk she knows she must take and one her innocent heart gladly makes for Lucian makes her body burn and her soul fly.

Never had hot and cold reacted so combustively.
Sara’s presence pushes Lucian to the brink of madness, her nearness making him crazed with the need for her blood. Though his fangs ache with longing, to bite her could condemn them both but the attraction between them is too strong to be denied. As they race headlong towards a fiery conclusion will they emerge unscathed to will the flames of desire consume them both?

Amazon Reviews:

  • Seared by Desire is about Sara who is an outcast from her village. She has only one good friend who was getting married and likely she would be alone after that. She lived alone in a small village, by herself because no one wanted anything to do with her, she was considered weak. Until one day when Sara was at Abigail’s wedding and she found her inner power. She was the “Child of the flame”, she had strong powers but they would consume her if she didn’t find the “one to cool her flame”. Lucian was her only hope; she felt he was “the one”. But could they be together, there seems to be too much in the way. The book was very interesting, it take you on a fascinating journey. 5 out of 5 stars
  • This book as part of a series is great, and even on its own it stands out. It’s definitely worth a read with a different take on vampires, making them not necessarily the focus of the story, but a necessary addition. I enjoyed the different take on vampire characterization, and their role in the story. It consisted of a unique world of elementals–more specifically fire elementals. Definitely worth a read!

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  1. satin sue

    28/07/2011 at 9:46 pm

    wow this sounds really good


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