Blog Hop: Seared by Desire

So you Jump!

I’m proud of you.

So what if the ground is probably going to kill you, it’s better than the alternative!!

You’ve decided that you’re going to be free and nothing is going to stop you even death. Thankfully, you don’t hit the ground full force you pull a trick out of you hat and land unscathed and in one piece. What more can you ask for? Freedom I suppose….

Okay so there’s the tiny problem of still being trapped in the compound but thankfully you’ve managed to get onto your faithful horse, Lance. Animals are more intelligent than they’re given credit for and this hellion is well aware of the danger that surrounds you on all sides and is ready and able to ride like the wind and get you the hell out of dodge. Hey, maybe you’re not going to be alone after all….

Right, so you’re on your horse, you’re ready to go but they close the gates on you!! These people are not going to give up but will you? Okay, so you’re outnumbered about two hundred to one but are those insurmountable odds? Do you think it would be best to let them catch you and bide your time and wait for another opportunity? I mean it isn’t as though Seraphina is going to kill you immediately, you have time. Or aren’t you willing to take the chance? Is it better to risk it all and perhaps die trying?

Is this it?

Are the gates too big of an obstacle for you to overcome? 


Do we try and escape anyway?


3 responses to “Blog Hop: Seared by Desire

  1. Jody Duffy

    18/07/2011 at 3:12 pm

    No Keep going by setting the wood gates on fire and running through them.

  2. Lisa Harwood

    18/07/2011 at 8:37 pm

    Try to escape anyway. Its now or never and you should never give up

  3. Lisa Ann Richards

    25/07/2011 at 5:08 am

    Never give up so it’s escape for me!


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