Blog Hop: Seared by Desire

So you decided to make a break for it!

You’re following in Sara’s footsteps. Who in their right mind would agree to be a sacrifice for such selfish people?

Certainly not Sara. Dying in a fiery conflagration as an out of control spirit consumes your flesh doesn’t sound appealing no matter how hard people tried to sell it to you as a glorious death. After years of being treated like less than nothing she’s decided against providing the ultimate sacrifice. She might be alone but years of abuse have made her resilient and give her all the right instincts to make a break for it. It’s relatively easy to get past the idea that you’ll be alone the rest of your life when you’ve had so many years of practice. What was your reason for running and not staying?

Let me set the scene again. You’ve decided that you have better things to be doing with your life than dying and have opted to run. It doesn’t matter that the world outside of what you know is daunting. Anything is better than the alternative. But being in a village of fire elementals, all of whom are intent on getting you to perform this sacrifice (apparently it’s an honour to die for your people….if you say so), you get trapped surprisingly quickly. Damn!


The pounding of feet warned her that her time had expired and she ran from the room, determined to reach the exit now that she had everything she needed. She frowned when she found that her path was blocked again by more people and let the fire wash over her. The rear was quickly blocked with more people and her frown turned into a scowl.

They think they can trap me again? Don’t they see that this won’t work?


Abigail’s voice pulled her from the violent turn her thoughts were taking and her heart began to pump wildly in her chest when she saw her friend emerge from the crowd.

“Sara, what are you doing? I thought we’d agreed that you would stay and fulfil your duty as a fire elemental.”

“I won’t die for these people Abi.”

“You must.”

“Abi, please move aside, will you really fight me?”

“Yes Sara, I will and you know it.”

“Abigail,” she pleaded. “I won’t fight you.”

“Then surrender.”

“I won’t do that either.”

“Those are your only options Sara. Please, come back with me. We don’t have long left together, we should enjoy it as much as we can.”

“It doesn’t have to be Abi. I won’t let it end like this. Just let me go.”

Her words were falling on deaf ears and Abigail’s palms began to glow as she summoned the fire within her, prepared to fight her life long friend. Sara felt no inclination to do anything of the sort. Her eyes flickered back and forth, trying to find a way out. Trapped from the front and from behind. Her flames were wild, if she tried to attack anyone she could hurt Abi and after all she had done for her over the years, Sara wouldn’t repay that kindness with violence. The world was closing in on her and it was on a shuddery breath that she took the only option available to her.

End excerpt 

So you’re surrounded. Soldiers to the front and soldiers at the rear. They aren’t going to let you go without a fight. You’re strong enough now but you’re flames are unstable and you could end up killing Abigail, the only friend you’ve ever had. She’s stood by you through thick and thin, has been in your corner for as long as you can remember….It isn’t her fault that she’s been brainwashed to believe that might is right.

Decisions, decisions….Well here are yours.

Jump from the window.

Yes I must admit that this is the less logical choice. There’s nothing but the ground to catch you and it isn’t soft and it isn’t wet. If you hit it then it’s really going to hurt. You might die on impact but you will avoid hurting your best friend. And hey, if you’re going to die either way you might as well do it with a bang right?


Let them take you. Now I know on the surface this doesn’t seem like the wisest of ideas. These people are out to kill you after all but who knows, you might be able to buy yourself some time. You might be able to think of a better plan to escape. And as an added bonus not only will you not be hurting Abigail, you’ll be able to spend some time with her before the end comes.

Get clicking and see where it takes you!


3 responses to “Blog Hop: Seared by Desire

  1. Jody Duffy

    18/07/2011 at 3:17 pm

    Jump from the window and land on an awing and slide down to a waiting horse that is conviently waiting for it’s owner. 🙂

  2. Lisa Harwood

    18/07/2011 at 8:35 pm

    I jumped! I would rather risk getting badly injured than getting locked up

  3. Lisa Ann Richards

    25/07/2011 at 5:07 am

    I’m jumping and hoping for a cushy bush to land on.


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