Seared by Desire – Action

So you’ve opted for Action, I was hoping you would!! So you prefer to be in the thick of things. You like it when things happen thick and fast. Well no worries, I’ve got you covered. Come with me and we’ll dive head first into Seared by Desire where we have action a plenty!!

Jen: So Sara, you’ve been put forward to represent action. Can you tell us a little about why Seared by Desire falls into this category?

Sara: I’d really rather there wasn’t any action at all if I’m perfectly honest. All I wanted was to live my life. I never really thought that would be all too difficult. Sure it was hard at times being the outcast in my village but I could live with it. Then Seraphina shows up and ruins everything. I never told her to burn those demons. I never wanted a price on my head but I got it anyway. My once boring life suddenly had a very finite end date and if I wanted to live then escape was my only option. Escape however meant fighting my way out and when you do something like that people inevitably end up chasing you! The demons were one thing but the vampires were something else entirely and then when you add Lucian’s war…I just couldn’t get away from the action. 


A dagger whistled through the air, missing Gareth’s face by mere millimetres. He turned slightly, eyeing the blade embedded in the wall with disgust. “This means war.”

Harsh laughter rent the air, “You act as though we ever stopped.”

“A mistake I’m going to rectify. Immediately.” He moved so quickly he looked like a blur to the naked eye. One minute the Malachite was laughing, confidently assured of his victory and in the next second Gareth’s blade was embedded deep in his chest. The laughter died as he coughed blood, the red droplets dripping down Gareth’s cheeks. “Lord Lucian lives.” He thrust the blade deeper. “The same however cannot be said of you and soon it won’t apply to your friends either.” He pulled the blade free and the man crumpled to the ground.

As though Gareth’s actions had been a signal, fights erupted between the two sides, spreading like wildfire until the whole tavern was filled with the sounds of battle. At first it was simply steel on steel but as the noise quickly escalated loud battle cries joined the throng followed by the unmistakable sounds of people dying.

Sara stood, her body rooted to the spot, transfixed by the wild savagery before her. Pulled from her state of frozen shock by a body colliding with her own, she found herself staring at the ceiling. Rough hands lifted her to her feet and she instinctively began to struggle, the fire within her rising.

“Calm yourself Lady Sara, Commander Gareth told me to take you away from the fighting.”

Wrenching herself from his grip, she let her flames wash over her, encasing her body in a protective shield. “And why should I believe anything you have to say?” she screamed, struggling to be heard over the noise.

“Lady Sara please believe me. There is no time for doubt, you must escape.”

The tavern was becoming increasingly crowded, bodies pushing against her before pulling back when their flesh burned. Her eyes were drawn to the door, a frown appearing on her face when she saw more Malachites forcing their way inside.

“That isn’t going to happen now,” she remarked ruefully. “We can’t escape and I wouldn’t leave with you anyway. If we both make it through this alive and I find you were telling the truth, please accept my sincerest apologies.”

“It is an honour to serve the Lady of Light.”

His words struck a chord with her. No Malachite would know of her display of power, Lucian hadn’t allowed the messenger to return to William’s side and he’d been guarded by Gareth himself. The stranger, whoever he was, was telling the truth. Before she could form an apology, a knife sank deep into his shoulder. He roared in anger, ripping the dagger from his body and throwing himself into the melee. 


So, action is all well and good but if you’re up for a change in pace then why not try some Paranormal or some Romance.

Go on. You know you want to. Make a decision.





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