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A Wolf’s Duty Sale/ The Alpha’s witch

I’ve been furiously hitting the keys this week for my new book and it got me thinking back to the days when I was writing A Wolf’s Duty. I loved writing that book so much and have been inspired by it for this latest work and so while I’d love to present the finished copy of my new book I’m no where near that point. I have plot bunnies hopping around furiously in my head so I’m hoping I can make some serious progress this week. In the mean time I have decided to know A Wolf’s Duty down from $3.99/£1.99 to $0.99 so that lots more people can enjoy the book!


In the mean time here’s another excerpt from my new book provisionally titled “The Alpha’s Witch”


Skye bounced back, quickly falling into step with her again. “I know you think you don’t have a choice but there has to be something else. If this goes wrong…” Skye’s eyes widened in fear. “If he isn’t there…”

She didn’t finish and Madison didn’t need her to. They both knew exactly what was at stake. If Madison’s plan didn’t go off without a hitch there was a very real chance she could die. The bar was close enough now that she could hear the shouts, the raucous laughter…and the howls. Most people would think nothing of the howling, they’d blame it on dogs but Madison wasn’t most people. Both she and Skye were witches and they knew all too well that it was wolves howling…lycans.

Fear made her heart race and she clenched her sweaty palms into fists to stop them shaking. Lycans could smell fear and the scent of it made them aggressive and prone to violence. They could also smell witch and the scent of her kind made them see red. She didn’t want to know what the smell of a terrified witch would make them do. Skye had dozens of reasons to try and stop her going in to the bar but Madison’s one reason to walk head first into danger overcame her own fear. She had to go in no matter the danger she was putting herself in. A life more important than her own was at stake.

“What if he’s not in there?” Skye’s barrage continued.

“He will be. You helped me do the spell remember? He’s in there. Trust me.” Madison’s voice was calm despite her inner terror.

The seeming composure had Skye throwing her hands upwards in annoyance. “Trust me? Trusting you is what’s got me into this state. You told me to trust you when you came to me asking me to help you find this guy and look where it’s gotten us. The guy you’re looking for is most likely a lycan which means he’s going to try and kill you.”

The bar was almost in touching distance and Madison’s heart was pounding against her chest trying to escape but she forced her expression to stay serene. “He’s not going to hurt me. I’m his mate.”

Skye scoffed in derision. “His mate. Who ever heard of a witch being mated to a lycan? It’s ridiculous! It’s crazy.”

“Well then it’s right up my street. I’m an expert in insanity and madness.”

“I’m being serious.” Her shoulders slumped in defeat. Her voice was barely louder than a whisper and the words were pained. “You don’t even know what he looks like.”

“Yes, but he’ll know what I smell like. He’s going to find me. Look Skye, I know you’re scared. I am too but we’ve talked about this. There’s no other way. I have to do this. Even if he’s not there the wolves aren’t going to kill me straight away. They usually give you a chance to fuck up then they go in for the kill shot. I’ll be able to get back out. I’m not going in to die. I have things to live for.”


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We have a winner

We have a winner for our giveaway competition!!

And the winner is……Whirlwind of Pleasure!!

It is now free on amazon and the ibookstore. Alternatively, you can head over to smashwords and use this code to get 100% off!

Smashwords code: RM27V

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’m enjoying my new house. I’ve got to get back to A Wolf’s Obsession!


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I’ve moved!!

It’s finally happened. I’ve finally moved into my house!! It’s only taken forever but I’m in and I’m loving my new place.

And so I’m celebrating I’ve decided to make one of my books free for a day. Let me know which book you want and then tomorrow (Wednesday at the latest) I’ll make it happen! You can pick any book from the Love bites series or from the Elemental Passions quartet!



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I’ve been away too long!

It’s been a long time since I updated my blog….too long in fact but I’m not without a reason. As some of you might know I have been trying to buy a house and have encountered unwelcome difficulties. Things are not getting much better but there has been some progress and I have to be thankful for small victories. If everything goes to plan I’m hoping to be in my new house by the end of the month!!! And so in honour of this I’d like to celebrate with you guys by having a book sale!!

Here’s my plan. I will slash the price of one of my books every week until the day that I move into my house! On that glorious day that I finally manage to accomplish what is seemingly an impossible task I will make a book that you guys choose FREE!! It’s going to be a great month, I know it is. Now I have to go now but I’ll be back later today with an update of A Wolf’s Obsession. I haven’t managed to get great amounts of writing done but I am on the case!

So if you’d be so kind as to let me know which book should be discounted first by leaving a comment I’d be much appreciative!


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A Wolf’s Obsession

I did mean to do this earlier but as so often happens life got in the way. So as you might have guessed from the title of this post the next book in the Love Bites series is going to be called A Wolf’s Obsession!!

I wasn’t sure that anyone would get this right but there is a winner!!!


Please get in touch so I can arrange for your prize to wing it’s way out to you!

Well done and well done to everyone who took part you really helped inspire me to get writing. Chapter 3 is almost finished and I have chapter 4 all planned out….so I’m thinking it wouldn’t hurt to post the first chapter online.

Good idea? Bad idea? What do you all think? Let me know!


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Long time no see

I realised the other day that it’s been far too long since I posted on my blog and it’s been even longer since I ran a competition and I love running those.

Well what can I say except I’ve been manically busy. While I love writing I’m not big enough to give up on the 9-5 which at the moment means I must continue studying. I’m training to be a teacher and while I love the kids I’d much rather be doing this. =(

And on that note I feel that I should tell you of a predicament I find myself in. I have writer’s block! I find myself struggling to get motivated to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) but the thing is I really want to write Wyatt’s story….The last time I had this issue I resorted to fictionpress and the comments that I got there motivated me to push myself and get writing.

I’m not going down that route because I don’t feel it’s fair to all readers BUT I thought that maybe you guys could help me.

Here’s what I’m suggesting. A guessing competition. You guys try to guess what Wyatt’s book is going to be called hence giving me motivating feedback and the winner gets either one of the books in the wolf series or a chance to read the first chapter of Wyatt’s story. I’d give you more but I haven’t managed to complete the second chapter just yet.

Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know!


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It’s alive!!! – A Wolf’s Duty


So we’re continuing with A Wolf’s Duty and this week it’s Tobias that’s in the driver’s seat. Once the introductions are out of the way that’ll be it from me for another week. 

JTA: So Tobias, do you want to say hello to the nie people?

Tobias: I’d really rather be spending time with my mate. Where is she?

JTA: Alex was here last week, you’ve just missed her but as soon as you’ve answered my questions I swear I’ll let you go and you can go and find her.

Tobias: Well then I’d really rather you asked your questions quickly.

JTA: You seem worried….

Tobias: I love my mate but she does have a way of trouble finding her. Every time I let her out of my sight she seems to have people trying to kill her.

JTA: I can see why that would be a problem. Do you think it’s something she’s doing that makes people want to hurt her?

Tobias: Damn straight! She’s too nice. If she let me kill half the people that tried to hurt her the first time they wouldn’t be alive to try and hurt her again.

JTA: *gulps* Well on that rather bloody note I think I’ll be leaving. *Thrusts the questions at his chest* I thought it would be fair to ask you the same questions I asked Alex. Here you go. Try not to kill anyone while I’m gone.

Tobias: As long as no one bad mouths my mate no one will die.

JTA: I can’t promise anything but trust me I’m not going to be saying bad about her!

Tobias: I’m going to be quick about this. I have places to be and a mate to find.

What’s your biggest fear?

I’m not afraid of much but when it comes to Alex I lose all sense so my biggest fear would be losing her. If I lost her my wolf would drive me insane, that’s one of the reasons mates don’t last long without each other. And even if I didn’t have an animal inside me mad with loss I don’t think I’d want to be in a world that didn’t have her in it. She’s like my own personal sun, when I’m with her the world is a bright beautiful place and when she’s gone everything is dark. But I’m pretty good at making sure my fears don’t happen. Anything that threatens her doesn’t last long. 

If someone dared you to jump out of a plane (with a parachute) would you?

Is there a particular reason I should be afraid of jumping out of a plane? I’m not afraid of heights and if something went wrong I’d heal. Free fallins is exhilarating. All of you should try it some time.

What is your earliest memory?

Travis. I remember Travis. I remember my brother, my twin. I remember when the hunters took him from me. He didn’t deserve to die, especially not like that. He was so much gentler than I was. He didn’t pose a threat to anyone and they killed him anyway. After that I remember the lack of freedom. Not only was I mourning the loss of my brother I was mourning the loss of my ability to go where I chose and do what I wanted. I understand my parents did it to protect me but none of you have any idea what that does to a wolf. It was like I was in a cage and no one was giving me the key.

What is your most prized possession?

I know I don’t own her but my mate is what I treasure most in this world. If you had searched the world a hundred times over you’d be possessive as well. I looked in every country, walked and ran miles, climbed mountains, swam seas to find her. I’ll never have another and I’d never want another either. So she is what I prize most. 

What is your ideal romance?

My idea romance? Seriously? Who thinks these questions up? Hang on a minute…she asked my mate this? Maybe there was a point to this useless question and answer session. I can’t wait to find out what Alex had to say. As for me…my ideal romance is simple. Uncomplicated. It wasn’t what I got but who wants the ideal that you can never have when you can grab reality with both hands? I certainly did. 

Tobias: So that’s it. *stands up* I’m going to find my mate –

JTA: Tobias? Where are you going?

Tobias: To find Alex obviously.

JTA: You’re not even going to tell me how it went?

Tobias: I answered your questions and now I want to find my mate, what does it matter how it went?

JTA: About that…

Tobias: About what?

JTA: Alex…..

Tobias: You’re walking on dangerous ground. Choose your next words carefully.

JTA: I just saw her.

Tobias: And?

JTA: And she asked me to give you this. *Hands him a note and is mildly perturbed when he crushes it in his hand* What does it say?

Tobias: It says that she wants me to stay here for a week and that her magic will keep her safe and away from me until my time here is up.

JTA: Why would she do something like that?

Tobias: She says because I need to learn that the world isn’t out to get her. She thinks this is going to be for the best.

JTA: So what are you going to do?

Tobias: That’s obvious, I’m going to stay here all bloody week and answer your ridiculous questions.

JTA: Just like that?

Tobias: My mate has asked me to do something. I can’t say no.

JTA: Wow! When she said she had her ways I didn’t really believe her but clearly she does have a magical talent! So now that we’ve got Tobias to agree to stay for the rest of the week, be sure to hound him with questions. There is nothing too big or too small for him to answer. And then after that the choice is back in your hands. We’ve met the main characters from A Wolf’s Duty so who is going to be next? The choice is up to you!


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