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A Wolf’s Obsession

A Wolf's Obsession

Book Cover reveal!


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I’ve moved!!

It’s finally happened. I’ve finally moved into my house!! It’s only taken forever but I’m in and I’m loving my new place.

And so I’m celebrating I’ve decided to make one of my books free for a day. Let me know which book you want and then tomorrow (Wednesday at the latest) I’ll make it happen! You can pick any book from the Love bites series or from the Elemental Passions quartet!



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Love Bites Family Tree

Well I was struggling to keep all the characters and their relationships straight in A Wolf’s Obsession because time has passed and things have changed so I decided to make a family tree and this is what I got. I think as I find ways to procrastinate I’ll add more detail to it but for now this is what I have. On the plus side I have managed to complete 5 chapters and am working on Chapter 6 as we speak!!




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It had to happen eventually

I have an announcement.

After weeks of waiting, more emails than I can remember and untold amounts of grief. It’s finally happened. A Wolf’s Pride is finally available on the ibookstore!!!

I know I Know, it isn’t the biggest announcement in history but I thought I should tell someone.

Fingers crossed it makes it’s way up the list and who knows it might even overtake the amazing achievement of A Wolf’s Oath with Gena Showalter. You never know it could even enter the top ten….Well a writer can hope anyway.

Life should be simple after a wolf finds his mate but Ryan is quickly coming to see that love is never simple. Chloe’s humanity does nothing to change the plans he’d made for himself decades ago but her refusal to believe he exists is a problem he hadn’t planned for.

Determined to have his mate, Ryan thrusts her into his world but danger quickly comes to surround her as foes both new and old make themselves known. It doesn’t take long for Chloe to realise that the creature that has her has many all too human flaws.

As her hatred thaws into like and like blossoms into love, the unanswered questions about Chloe’s roots come to the surface and threaten not only Ryan’s life but the existence of all werewolves. With the power to change the fate of all wolves will Chloe turn her back on all she’s ever known to embrace a life with Ryan or will his pride push her away and condemn them both?


“And if I say I won’t go with you?”

His lips formed into a thin line at the very idea that she would 
refuse his request, preferring to stay with the murderers that 
likely made up her family. 
“You don’t get a say in the matter.”

“You realise what you’re planning is illegal, it’s called kidnapping.”

“I’m well aware of that. Don’t worry, I’ve done this before.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you,” she informed him stubbornly.

“Chloe, love, don’t be difficult.”

“I’m not your love,” she snapped.

“Chloe, you either pack for yourself or I do it for you but I won’t 
know what’s important enough to take with you.”

She folded her hands across her chest and looked him directly 
in the eye, stubbornness embossed upon her features. 
“I’m not going to play an active part in my kidnapping.”

“Fine, if that’s going to be your attitude then we’ll just have to 
do things the hard way.” There was nothing overtly threatening in his
statement but her body shivered nonetheless.

What exactly is he planning?

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