A Wolf’s Duty Sale/ The Alpha’s witch

I’ve been furiously hitting the keys this week for my new book and it got me thinking back to the days when I was writing A Wolf’s Duty. I loved writing that book so much and have been inspired by it for this latest work and so while I’d love to present the finished copy of my new book I’m no where near that point. I have plot bunnies hopping around furiously in my head so I’m hoping I can make some serious progress this week. In the mean time I have decided to know A Wolf’s Duty down from $3.99/£1.99 to $0.99 so that lots more people can enjoy the book!


In the mean time here’s another excerpt from my new book provisionally titled “The Alpha’s Witch”


Skye bounced back, quickly falling into step with her again. “I know you think you don’t have a choice but there has to be something else. If this goes wrong…” Skye’s eyes widened in fear. “If he isn’t there…”

She didn’t finish and Madison didn’t need her to. They both knew exactly what was at stake. If Madison’s plan didn’t go off without a hitch there was a very real chance she could die. The bar was close enough now that she could hear the shouts, the raucous laughter…and the howls. Most people would think nothing of the howling, they’d blame it on dogs but Madison wasn’t most people. Both she and Skye were witches and they knew all too well that it was wolves howling…lycans.

Fear made her heart race and she clenched her sweaty palms into fists to stop them shaking. Lycans could smell fear and the scent of it made them aggressive and prone to violence. They could also smell witch and the scent of her kind made them see red. She didn’t want to know what the smell of a terrified witch would make them do. Skye had dozens of reasons to try and stop her going in to the bar but Madison’s one reason to walk head first into danger overcame her own fear. She had to go in no matter the danger she was putting herself in. A life more important than her own was at stake.

“What if he’s not in there?” Skye’s barrage continued.

“He will be. You helped me do the spell remember? He’s in there. Trust me.” Madison’s voice was calm despite her inner terror.

The seeming composure had Skye throwing her hands upwards in annoyance. “Trust me? Trusting you is what’s got me into this state. You told me to trust you when you came to me asking me to help you find this guy and look where it’s gotten us. The guy you’re looking for is most likely a lycan which means he’s going to try and kill you.”

The bar was almost in touching distance and Madison’s heart was pounding against her chest trying to escape but she forced her expression to stay serene. “He’s not going to hurt me. I’m his mate.”

Skye scoffed in derision. “His mate. Who ever heard of a witch being mated to a lycan? It’s ridiculous! It’s crazy.”

“Well then it’s right up my street. I’m an expert in insanity and madness.”

“I’m being serious.” Her shoulders slumped in defeat. Her voice was barely louder than a whisper and the words were pained. “You don’t even know what he looks like.”

“Yes, but he’ll know what I smell like. He’s going to find me. Look Skye, I know you’re scared. I am too but we’ve talked about this. There’s no other way. I have to do this. Even if he’s not there the wolves aren’t going to kill me straight away. They usually give you a chance to fuck up then they go in for the kill shot. I’ll be able to get back out. I’m not going in to die. I have things to live for.”


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The next step

So I’ve been writing….not as much as I’d like but something is better than nothing and I’d like to share the first few paragraphs of my next book.


Five meters had never seemed so far away. The bright lights of the bar called to Madison but every step she took seemed like ten with Skye yammering in her ear.

“This is a bad idea.”

Forest green eyes rolled backwards in annoyance but Madison bit her lip to keep herself from saying anything she’d regret. There was no point. Skye was one of the most stubborn people Madison had ever known and there was nothing she could say to change her friend’s mind. It didn’t help that there was a tiny voice at the back of her mind that was agreeing with Skye’s unease but there was no way that she was going to let her friend know it.

In the twenty odd years that they’d been friend’s Skye had, on occasion, disagreed with her but this was the first time Madison had been tempted to throw her friend out of a very, very tall window. It had been weeks since Madison had confided in Skye about her problem and she had been whining ever since. Whining and giving poor advice but doing nothing to solve the problem which meant Madison had had to take drastic action. Her chosen course had led them to this moment with Skye trying desperately to make her turn back and Madison deftly avoiding her friend’s attempts to block the path.

“I know what you think,” Madison snapped. “But I don’t have a choice.” Running annoyed fingers through her short, black hair Madison took a decisive step to the right and kept walking, her goal crystal clear.

Skye bounced back, quickly falling into step with her again. “I know you think you don’t have a choice but there has to be something else. If this goes wrong…” Skye’s eyes widened in fear. “If he isn’t there…”


More to come soon!


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A Wolf’s Obsession Release

It’s done!!

It's finished

A Wolf’s Obsession is complete and available to buy from amazon, smashwords and very shortly the apple iBookstore!

A Wolf's Obsession Cover


I hope you all enjoy reading Wyatt and Kass’ story!!


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One step closer!

Editing is going very well and I’m so close that I can taste it!

I am one step closer to release now that I’ve written the blurb so I thought I’d share it with you so you can let me know what you think!


Finding her was easy.

Most werewolves spend decades of their immortal lives searching for their mate. Wyatt had found his in years. The problem? They were both children. Forced to wait for the moment he could claim her, Wyatt had had watched her from afar, his every thought of the moment he and his mate could be together. When his mate was taken from him, his sanity went with her and he was pushed to the edge. Half feral and wracked by violent urges, he’s now more wolf than man. Walking a tightrope between sanity and madness he can’t afford to let anyone close but meeting Kass changes everything.

Getting rid of him was hard.

Kassandra has problems. A faulty heart and a mad man determined to cut it from her chest while she’s still alive. She doesn’t have time to deal with the wolf barging into her life especially when he can’t seem to decide whether he wants to strangle her or kiss her senseless. Despite all reason and logic she can’t seem to help being attracted to the mad wolf but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stick around when her problems are working hard to see her dead. It’s too bad he’s decided that she isn’t going anywhere.

Being together was inevitable.

As old and new enemies make themselves known, Wyatt and Kass find themselves drawn together. Their only chance at surviving is in the others arms but is the safety Kass finds in Wyatt’s embrace an illusion? Can she truly survive being the object of a wolf’s obsession or will his love kill her for a second time?


Well you’ll have to let me know what you think. In the meantime I have work to do. Wish me luck.


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A Wolf’s Obsession – Chapter Seven

So the editing is still an ongoing work in progress but I’m aiming for a summer release! So wish me luck. In the meantime….as promised (thought a little later than planned) here is the next chapter of A Wolf’s Obsession!


Chapter Seven




“Take off your clothes.”


The breathy request put a very quick stop to Kass’ wandering hands and cooled her passion faster than an ice cold bath. She forced herself to pull away from his addictive lips and put an end to the bone melting power of his kiss. “What did you say?”


His gaze never faltered even as his fingers reached for the hem of her shirt. Her sharp intake of breath as the pads of his fingers brushed against her stomach went straight to his shaft. “Take off your clothes,” he repeated as his fingers danced over her flesh.


Scooting back, Kass pulled down her shirt and clutched the material to her chest defensively. “No! I’m not having sex with you.”


Madness was returning to his eyes as his hands reached for her jeans. “Need you,” he muttered, his eyes darting frantically over her body. “Need you Kass.”


She slapped his grasping hands away and jumped to her feet. The desperation in his rough voice felt like an aphrodisiac trying to beat back her logic. Her mind knew she couldn’t even entertain the idea of having sex with Wyatt despite the strange connection she felt to him but he was tempting her to throw caution to the wind and her treacherous body was clearly on his side. “Are you crazy?” She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. “Don’t answer that. You might have a very weak grasp on reality but I don’t. Kisses are one thing and sex is another. I can’t go from not knowing you one day to jumping into bed with you the next. Even if I could, I’m not that kind of woman.”


“You don’t understand Kass.” Clutching his head he tried to stay calm, a task made nearly impossible by the uncontrollable snarling of his wolf.


Claim her. Do it now. Claim her dammit! She’s ours. Our mate is right here for the taking. Don’t let her get away. Claim her. Claim her. Claim her!


His eyes rolled as the wolf’s chanting became incessant, drowning out any thought that didn’t involve sinking into the heat between Kass’ thighs. Struggling to control his wolf and his pounding heart, Wyatt clutched the back of the chair, his razor sharp claws slicing through the material like a hot knife through butter.


Staring at the destruction he’d caused so easily he felt his heart begin to race. Kass was standing so close that if he reached out he’d be able to pull her back to him. That was exactly what his wolf was demanding but it was the one thing he couldn’t do. If he reached for Kass with his control hovering on the edge he’d cut straight through her soft skin. I’ve hurt her enough already.


Groaning, he began to rock back and forth trying to force his wolf to relent his assault on his brain. No. Can’t touch her.


Let me out of here! We need to claim her now. She’s our mate, we need to claim her.


She said no. Do you want to force her? Is that what you want for her?


She needs to be protected. Claim her and no one will be able to hurt her. She’ll live forever with us. Claim her now.


The wolf’s words turned the blood racing through his system to ice in an instant. If he hadn’t believed it before he had all the proof he needed now. His wolf was half feral. He had to be, otherwise he’d never have suggested claiming their reluctant mate without her permission.


Struggling to his feet, Wyatt crashed into a wall as his feet almost gave out beneath him.  Can’t stay here. Can’t hurt her again. Need to get out of here. Clutching the wall with all his strength, he moved slowly away from Kass edging closer to the exit. Until his wolf calmed down he couldn’t be around his mate. The very thought of leaving her almost sent him plummeting into the depths of madness but the very real scent of her fear gave him the strength to stay focused. He needed to protect her from everything and if that meant him then so be it.


His voice rough and his breathing hard, he locked eyes with her, mesmerised by the glittering white flecks in her dark blue eyes. “Kass.” Each word was a struggle but he needed her to know. “Have to go.”




“Have to go,” he repeated, clawing his way to the door.


“You’re kidding.”


“Need you safe.”


“And somehow my safety is related to us not having sex?” she scoffed.


Sweat beaded on his brow from the effort it took to hold his wolf back and the amber of his wolf crept into his eyes. “Back soon.” I hope. He gripped the door handle almost tearing it from the wood as his wolf slammed hard into the cage that he’d erected around it. “Stay here.”


And with that final command he was gone.


Stunned couldn’t begin to describe how Kass felt staring at the doorway that Wyatt had just fled through. She’d heard of men being led by their baser instincts but she hadn’t thought her putting the brakes on their kiss would lead to him leaving her. How long she stood staring at the woods that lay beyond the cabin she didn’t know but when the shock faded it was replaced with a burning anger that left her gasping for breath.


“That bastard!” she screamed. Storming to the door she slammed it so hard that the walls shook. “I’ll take care of you,” she sneered, mocking the words Wyatt had said so tenderly to her. “I’ll love you. I’ll protect you. We’re mates. Liar! The bastard clearly only wants to get into my pants and that is not going to be happening any time soon. I should have used my voice on him, made him tell me exactly what he wants with me. How could I be so stupid?” She risked a glance at the shredded portrait of Emily that hung limply from the wall. When she’d watched him decimate the picture of the woman she’d once been hope had blossomed in her chest. For the first time in a long time she’d felt safe, cared for, and he’d ruined it. “Men!” she growled. Her hands balled into fists and she wished she had Wyatt’s ability to smash walls.


Her skin flushed with anger, she took a deep breath trying to calm herself and failed miserably. An angry scream spilled from her lips. She screamed until her throat was raw but her anger still refused to fade. Storming into the kitchen she turned to the one thing that was guaranteed to calm her raging temper. Cupboards slammed one after the other until she found what she needed. Her arm curved around a large mixing bowl and a spoon in the other she beat the butter and sugar she’d thrown into the bowl frantically feeling her emotions mellow with each whisk of the spoon. By the time she was adding the eggs and flour she almost felt like herself again at least until she heard the door creak open. Her body tensed and she eyed up the drawer that she’d seen housed a wide variety of knives her mind contemplating how reasonable it would be to take one of the sharp blades to Wyatt’s flesh. He’d brushed off bullets without a second thought; if she vented her anger at him like that he’d probably not even notice.




The female voice was a surprise but when Dylan walked into the kitchen she began to beat the mixture even harder as her anger returned to the front of her mind. “Did Wyatt send you?”


Dylan nodded.


Bastard, couldn’t be bothered to deal with the fallout so he sent his baby sister?


“I know what you’re thinking,” Dylan said calmly.


“You wolves mind readers now too?” she snapped in response.


“No but if you mix whatever’s in that bowl any harder I think it’s going to try and run away from you. I know you’re angry at my brother it’s all over your face.”


“Good but do you know why I’m angry at him?”


“Wyatt couldn’t really explain much when we spoke, he just asked me to come over here and stay with you.”


“Couldn’t or wouldn’t?”


Sighing, Dylan ran a hand through her long locks in a gesture that immediately reminded Kass of Wyatt. He did the same thing when he was stressed. The memory of him running his hands through his hair brought a smile to her face. When Wyatt did it she was constantly tempted to add her own hands to the mix. Just as quickly as the smile had come she forced it off her face. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about him in any way that was complementary. He was an ass.


Moving closer, Dylan sat down on one of the bar stools and watched Kass behind the counter silently examining her for injuries. Wyatt had sounded desperate when he’d called her and the few words he’d managed to growl over the phone had done nothing to reassure her. He’d sounded like a mad man and when he’d ordered her over to the cabin to check on Kass there had been a moment where she’d thought Wyatt had killed her. “He didn’t manage to tell me much. Why don’t you explain it to me?”


Kass’ face flushed but her anger allowed the words to flow uninterrupted from her throat. “We kissed. I don’t know how a kiss turned into an open invitation for sex with a practical stranger but that’s what your brother interpreted it as.”


Understandable, Dylan thought but the look on Kass’ face told her it wouldn’t be wise to express such an opinion.


“I told him no.”


Dylan barely managed to stifle her wince. With Wyatt so closely wrapped up with his wolf and after all that had happened to Kass it was only natural that he wanted to claim her. All the threats to her could be eliminated in one fell swoop with the act of claiming joining their lives together.


“He freaked out,” Kass continued. “Ran from the house as though I had done something wrong. He almost had me fooled with all that ‘you’re my mate, I’ll take care of you’ crap. Don’t worry, I know better now than to believe a word he says.”


“You don’t understand Kass. He was trying to protect you.”


“You’re damn right I don’t understand. Wyatt brought me here, claimed that he was going to protect me and then as soon as I don’t spread my legs for him he fucking abandons me. His protection comes at too high price. I don’t care if I ever see him again.” Liar. “I’m not going to jump into bed with him just because he says so.”


“Exactly!” Dylan crowed.


Surprised by Dylan’s reaction, Kass eyed the other woman up carefully. It was all too possible that madness ran in the family and Dylan was suffering from the same affliction that crippled her brother emotionally.


“I don’t understand. Shouldn’t you be on his side?”


Smiling, Dylan got off her chair and moved around the counter until she was standing beside Kass. “I’m always on Wyatt’s side and that means I’m on your side too. You’re his only chance at being happy. What makes you happy makes him happy and so I’ll do anything I can to make you happy. Come.” She put an arm around Kass and led her back to the living room. “Let me explain everything.”


“Well at least someone is nice enough to talk to me about what’s going on. Shame your brother couldn’t do the same.”


“He wanted to. Trust me, he wanted to.”


“Then why didn’t he?”


“He was about to lose control. He didn’t want to hurt you. Wyatt’s wolf is unstable at best and until he claims you he’s going to be prone to these meltdowns.”


Raising her brow at the unusual words, Kass didn’t try to hide her confusion in her voice. “Claims me?”


“It’s like sex but so much more. It’s the joining of two souls. When he claims you your lives will be joined and you’ll become as immortal as we are. After he claims you unless he dies then nothing anyone does will be able to kill you. He was trying to protect you. He can’t claim you until you’ve done the claiming ceremony and he knows that but I’m betting his wolf was riding him pretty hard. I can guarantee that he didn’t start kissing you with mating in mind. He probably just wanted to be close to you and then when he smelt your arousal and had you so close, reason went out of the window.”


“And he couldn’t have just explained this himself?”


Dylan shook her head. “Wyatt, all of us, have a wolf that lives inside of us. As long as we have the same goal in mind we can live in peace, harmony. Wyatt doesn’t have that anymore.”


“Because he lost Emily?”


“Exactly. He’s been at war with his wolf for years and now he’s going at it again. His wolf is stronger than most because of how long he spends in his other form and if we can’t find a way to put them back in balance soon then I think the damage will be irreparable. His mind is going to tear itself apart until he claims you.”


Kass’ face paled. Her anger disappeared all together and fear filled her veins. “You can’t be serious,” she muttered, shaking her head constantly.


“Until he can guarantee that you’re going to be safe no matter what happens then his mind is going to keep slipping away.”


“But I can’t sleep with him.”


The kind smile on Dylan’s face faded. This woman was her brother’s mate and she was the reason that her beloved brother was slowly but surely going down a path that she couldn’t follow. Wyatt would be claiming her, even if she had to strap Kass down to a bed to make it happen. “What do you mean you can’t? Do you have any idea of what’s at stake here?”


“I can’t sleep with Wyatt. I can’t have sex with anyone. I thought you were a doctor.”


“I am a doctor,” Dylan snapped angrily.


“I can’t have sex with anyone because of my heart. You can’t put that kind of responsibility on me when there’s nothing I can do to help him without killing myself in the process.”


“What are you talking about?”


“The last time I tried to have sex I was seventeen. My boyfriend and I had played about before but we’d never actually had sex. The thought never even crossed my mind that there could be a problem. In my mind sex was just an extended petting session. I was wrong. I had an attack. I almost died that day. That was when I found out about my heart problem. I can’t have sex with anyone because even trying throws my heart completely out of its natural rhythm. I can’t risk trying that again.”


“Fuck,” Dylan cursed. Standing up she started to pace. “He’s going to need something.”


“I’m not going to sit here with you and negotiate what goes on between me and your brother. If he wants to talk about this then he knows exactly where to find me.”


Dylan sighed. “Wyatt isn’t thinking straight.”


“That doesn’t change the fact that he wants to have a relationship with me. If he wants this thing between us, whatever it is, to work then we need to talk.” She got off the sofa and went back to the kitchen where her mixing bowl was calling to her. Her movements slow and methodical she placed her cookie mixture on to a baking tray.


“I know it sounds strange but if you’d just talk to me then I could tell him everything and then when he got back you wouldn’t have anything to worry about.”


Sighing as she rolled her eyes, Kass put the cookies in the oven and turned to look at Dylan. “You’re a good sister. He told me what you and Erica did when Emily died.”


Raising an eyebrow, Dylan muttered under her breath. “I doubt it.” If Wyatt had told Kass exactly what they’d done there was no doubt in her mind that Kass would have fled.


“But he’s a big boy now and he can’t have you fighting his battles for him. Tell him to come home and we can talk.”


“I don’t know if that’s going to be possible.”


“He managed to talk to you long enough to get you here, I’m sure you can do the same in reverse.”


Kass smiled and Dylan knew that the conversation was over. She’d been dismissed as politely as was possible given the circumstances and staying any longer would just make things worse. “I’ll try to call him but it might be difficult.” Considering the fact he could barely speak when he called me and has probably gotten worse. “I don’t know how long it’ll take for him to come back.”


“I have no where else to go.” She forced a smile to her lips and eyed the door pointedly.


Nodding, Dylan turned on her heel and left the cabin to find her brother. Kass’ request seemed so simple but it was anything but.


Breathing a sigh of relief as Dylan disappeared Kass resigned herself to wait for Wyatt’s return. She waited until her cookies were baked, their fragrant air tempting her to sample their sugary goodness. She waited as the air grew cold with the setting of the sun. She waited as the sun dipped past the horizon and disappeared. She waited as the sky darkened and the stars began to shine. But by the time the moon had risen high in the sky she was sick and tired of waiting for someone who clearly didn’t want to talk to her. As exhaustion forced her into bed her decision made itself.


I deserve better than this. Protection isn’t worth being treated like this. I’ll call Charlie in the morning and find a way to get out of here. Her heart constricted painfully at the idea of leaving but she steeled herself against what she felt. It would be far worse to stay and be treated like this day after day. Her heart might hurt now but she was saving it from being broken.


Keep telling yourself that, a voice at the back of her head murmured.


A tear rolled down her cheek and she clutched her pillow tightly. I will, she responded. It’s the only way that I’m going to get out of here in one piece.


Ethan might be gunning for her heart but Wyatt was teaching her very quickly that there were other ways for the vital organ to be destroyed.









Exhausted couldn’t even begin to describe how Wyatt felt as he staggered into the safety of his home, closing the door quietly behind him. His eyes were heavy and he was only managing to stay upright through sheer force of will. His wolf had been savage in its demands that they claim their mate. Wyatt had tried everything he could think of to get the wolf calm enough for them to be able to come home and be with Kass and nothing had worked. First he’d tried to reason with the wolf explaining that even if Kass had been willing, if she’d stripped herself bare as he’d asked, the instinct wouldn’t have let him claim her. She wasn’t a wolf and the instinct demanded that she come to terms with his true nature before they could be that intimate. Reason had backfired horrifically. The mental image of Kass naked and eager to be claimed had sent the wolf into a frenzy and he’d brought Wyatt to his knees as it howled for their mate. After reason had failed, Wyatt had carved a path of destruction through the woods. Wielding his claws with deadly precision he’d hunted down prey, decimated trees and waged his own private war against anything that had the misfortune of crossing his path. When that had failed he’d run for miles hoping that the pleasure that came from running would distract his wolf enough that it could be reasoned with. The plan had been an epic failure. The wolf had refused to think of anything that wasn’t Kass.


It was only when Dylan had called to tell him that his mate was hurting because of what he’d done that Wyatt and the wolf had come to a tentative truce. No matter what he was feeling, his mate would always come first. His wolf had calmed enough that Wyatt didn’t think he was an immediate threat to Kass but he could feel the wolf simmering at the back of his mind. If it was given the chance it would grab control and Wyatt shuddered to think of the damage it could cause if that happened. He wouldn’t be giving it that chance. He took a deep breath as he walked into the cabin and stumbled, the chair he grabbed the only reason he didn’t hit the ground. After hours away, the power of Kass’ scent was even more powerful than it normally was. His gut clenched with the need to be near her. Drawing in lungfuls of her sweet scent he felt himself begin to relax. His mate was here; she hadn’t run away which wouldn’t have been a surprise considering how he’d treated her. He’d half expected to come home to an empty cabin and spend the night looking for her. Forcing the muscles in his legs to tense and take the weight of his body, he let himself revel in the knowledge that very soon she’d be in his arms. The thought calmed his wolf enough that Wyatt trusted himself to go to her. She called to him like a moth to a flame and his feet moved unerringly towards her. A smile broke out on his face as he got closer to the bedroom but when the sweetness of her sugary scent became clouded with the bitterness of her tears his heart fell.


He stopped in the doorway unable to do more than stare at the track marks that ran down her cheeks and coated the pillow beneath her head. Shocked, he stumbled into the bedroom stopping inches from the bed. His hands itched to reach out for her and soothe her every ache but he couldn’t do that, not when he was the cause. Disbelief made him numb. He’d done this. His mate had cried herself to sleep because of him, because of what he’d done. He’d failed again. It was his job to protect her, to see to her happiness. He’d done neither.


I don’t deserve her, he thought sadly.


She’s our mate, of course we deserve her.


Self loathing quickly gave way to anger as his emotions found a target to attack. Don’t you dare! Wyatt roared. Enough was enough. If his wolf wouldn’t respond to reason then he’d beat it into submission. It couldn’t be allowed to do anymore damage or it might be irreversible. This is your fault. You did this.


I didn’t hurt her. You did that. Those are your fingers around her neck. You put those bruises on her arms.


But I didn’t do this. You made her cry and that’s worse. The bruises will fade but she’ll never forget tonight.


I didn’t hurt her, the wolf denied, flashing its fangs in anger.


You made me leave her. She probably thinks I abandoned her because she wouldn’t have sex with me. You made her feel worthless, you made her think the only thing we wanted was sex.


That’s not true.


No? Wyatt sneered. We asked her to let us claim her. She says no. We lose control and run away. What else is she meant to think?


Losing ground the wolf snapped in retort, You’re the one who made us leave.


And what other choice did I have? If I’d stayed you might have tried to force the matter. You could have tried to rape our mate. I couldn’t let that happen no matter the cost.


Silence followed, the wolf unable to think of anything that could make the situation better. Much as he was loathe to admit it, Wyatt was right.


Rubbing his brow, Wyatt sighed heavily. If you want this to work, if you want to go back to how we were before we lost Emily, then you have to leave me in control. Trust me to take care of things. I want to claim her as much as you do but I want her to love us like a real mate should.


Just wanted to keep her safe, the wolf grumbled.


And I’ll protect her. It’s what I trained for. Just leave Kass to me until the claiming.


Promise me we’ll claim her soon.


No. Even if it takes months I’m going to wait until Kass wants me to claim her. She has to come to me willingly otherwise what’s the point? She won’t stay; she’ll leave as soon as she can. We have time; we can afford to take this slowly. After what we’ve both done she deserves this much.




But we can encourage her to want more and we will but if she says no then don’t try to force the matter. Agreed?


The silence that followed seemed to last an eternity but Wyatt waited, refusing to conceded any ground in this battle of wills. The stakes were too high for him to lose.


Fine, the wolf grumbled. We’ll do this your way…for now.


And that was all Wyatt needed. The bond between mates was unbreakable, an irresistible pull that would draw them together in spite of what he’d done and now that he didn’t have to worry about what his wolf would try to do Wyatt was going to do everything in his power to get his mate to fall for him. He’d failed with Emily but he’d been given another chance with Kass. It was more than any wolf could hope for and he was going to take full advantage of his unexpected second chance.



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I made it!!!

From this

writers block

To this


It’s taken me almost a year but I’ve made it!!

Today marks the day that I complete A Wolf’s Obsession! It’s been an incredible journey and I’ve loved every minute of writing Wyatt and Kass’ relationship but all good things have to end at some point and that point is now!

I’ve moved on to the editing stage and once that’s done then I’ll get it all released for you wonderful readers. Let me edit chapter 7 and I’ll get that to you this weekend via the blog!


A Wolf’s Obsession – Chapter Six

I’ve had a monumental breakthrough and am going full steam ahead towards the end of A Wolf’s Obsession! This is a very happy day for me. I was sure that I’d miss my summer deadline but it’s looking like that I will make it! I know, I know it’s a great achievement. Wish me luck, here’s hoping that I don’t run out of steam. Another plus is that you’re getting an extra long chapter!


P.s I’m sorry for posting the wrong chapter earlier but this is the correct one. I swear.

Chapter Six

Wyatt hated hospitals and sitting beside a still sleeping Kass he quickly remembered why. The too clean smell of antiseptic made his nose itch, the brutally bare walls made him want to gouge his eyes out and the steady beeping of machines that monitored God only knew what made him feel painfully helpless. If Kass hadn’t been lying unconscious in bed he would never have put himself through such agony but he wasn’t about to leave his mate to wake up in a strange place without him. He squeezed her hand gently, more for his benefit than hers and risked a glance at Dylan as she checked Kass’ vitals again. It never ceased to amaze him that she’d made it through the years of training to become a doctor but he was thankful she’d stuck it out when he’d dropped out.

“Is she going to be okay?”

Turning her back on her brother, Dylan rolled her eyes and barely resisted the urge to hit her head against the wall. He’d asked her the same question a hundred times before, her answer never changed but he still wasn’t satisfied. “Like I told you before, she’s fine. The bullet went straight through, no veins or arteries were damaged. She didn’t lose that much blood and she doesn’t have any head wounds. All things considered, she’s a lucky girl. She’s going to have a stiff shoulder so no heavy lifting but other than that she’s fine.”

“Then why isn’t she awake yet? It’s been hours since we got home and nothing.”

“Because humans can’t shake off bullets that easily and…” She hesitated, the words catching in her throat. It was always hard to be the bearer of bad news especially in her brother’s case. Wyatt was walking a very thin line between sanity and madness; she didn’t want to be the one to push him over the edge.

The catch in Dylan’s voice instantly made his hackles rise and his fangs sharpen. There was something his sister was keeping from him and that could only mean one thing. It was something he wasn’t going to like and it was about his mate. He couldn’t think of a worse combination. His muscles tense, he gave Kass’ hand a final lingering caress before he got to his feet and took a menacing step towards Dylan. “And what?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this Wy but I did some more tests and found a problem.”

Tension filled the air as Wyatt’s entire demeanour became dangerous, his body thrumming with the threat of violence. “What do you mean you found a problem? What kind of problem?”

“She has a heart condition. It’s a rare one; I only noticed it because you insisted she have every possible test done. Kass has long QT syndrome.”

“And for those of us that didn’t spend years studying medicine?”

“That’s your fault, you could have stuck it out with me and then you’d know exactly what’s wrong with your mate.”

“Some of us aren’t cut out to fix other people. Now tell me what’s wrong with Kass.”

“She has a weak heart. Simply put she can’t handle it if her heartbeat gets messed up. Best case scenario she gets a little dizzy and passes out. Worse case…she dies.”

The world turned on its head in that instant for Wyatt and he thought it might be him that fainted. He’d never done it before but he’d never gotten such bad news straight after good news. “She can’t die. If she needs a new heart then she can have mine. I’ll cut it out myself if that’s what it takes to save her.”

Unsurprised by Wyatt’s simplistic solution to a complex problem Dylan shook her head sadly. “That’s not going to work. You’re a wolf and she’s not. Your heart isn’t going to be compatible with her body.”

“Give me an hour then, I’ll find someone else that’s compatible. You have to fix her Dylan. She can’t die, not now, not ever.”

Listening quietly to their discussion Kass couldn’t help but be surprised by Wyatt’s words. No one had ever tried so hard to defend her, it was surprisingly attractive. So intense, she purred, opening her eyes to match his words to his face. It was endearing that he would go to such lengths to keep her safe but it was pointless and there was no point in getting anyone else mixed up in her complicated life. “Wyatt, a new heart won’t work.” Safe. Alive. Going to have my questions answered. Ticking each of the three off her mental checklist she braced herself for what was to come.


Butterflies filled her stomach at the sheer, unadulterated joy he put into her name and goose bumps covered her arms as she watched him close the distance between them. She could just imagine him calling her name in a completely different situation; one that involved heated kisses and desperate touches. What she wouldn’t give to run her hands over his body and claim it for her own. Mind out of gutter! What was it about this man that sent her common sense running for the hills and her sex drive into meltdown? She shouldn’t be so effected by a man she barely knew especially one that wasn’t completely human. She should be trying to think of a way out but all she wanted to do was feel his arms wrapped around her. It should have been maddeningly frustrating but the closer he got, the less concerned with reason she became. Her life had never been normal so why should she expect that to change now?

Crowding her, Wyatt leaned in close, his arm resting on her pillow and their faces inches apart. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” she squeaked. “My shoulder’s a little sore but I’ve lived through worse.”

It would have been a lot worse if he hadn’t helped in the healing process but he didn’t think it was wise to tell her that his lips and tongue had caressed her delicious flesh just yet. The sweet smell of truth filled his nose and Wyatt sighed in relief before remembering that they had a problem, a serious one. “Kass, your heart…”

“Isn’t perfect but it’s the only one that’ll work.”

Stroking her cheek softly, he let his fingers tangle in the luscious red strands of her hair. “I can get you another one. There are plenty of people out there that don’t deserve to live. They can make their lives meaningful by helping you with this. I’ll be quick and Dylan can get you ready while I’m gone.”

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what he was suggesting and while under any other circumstances Kass was sure she’d be disgusted by the suggestion, coming from Wyatt’s lips the crazy idea sounded sweet. It was comforting to be in the presence of someone so intent on keeping you alive. Whenever she’d woken up in a strange place before it had been to find Ethan’s men looming over her intent on ending her life. She could definitely get used to this feeling. “Wyatt, it won’t work. My heart is special…it’s what will make me immortal and there’s no one out there who would be a successful organ donor for me except another phoenix. It’s why I didn’t want you to take me to a hospital. I might look like other people but there are things about me that are different and those differences are easy for a doctor to spot.”

“You mean like that strange blood flowing in your veins?” Dylan piped in. At the warning glare from Wyatt she held her hands up in self-defence and backed out of the room. “She knows I’m right. If she’d gone to a hospital they’d have a field day over what’s in her veins.” Her point made, Dylan vanished from the room.

“What was she talking about?”

His eyes were intense, boring holes into her and demanding the truth and Kass squirmed under the scrutiny. No one had ever looked at her as though her every word was gospel and the feeling was unnerving. “My blood isn’t human. It doesn’t fit into one of the types that doctors know. The last time I went to a hospital and they found out they didn’t want to let me leave. They wanted to keep me there like an animal and run tests.” She scoffed at the memory. “They should have just been honest and said they wanted to experiment on me. No hospitals for me and no new heart. I don’t need one.”

“Dylan said you could die,” he growled, his eyes glowing at the reminder. Was there nothing he could do to keep her by his side without something trying to use death to separate them?

“She was right but I’ve made it this far and as long as I can stay calm then I’ll be fine. In a few weeks none of this will matter. I’ll be immortal and my heart problems will be a thing of the past.”

“So when you turn twenty-seven you won’t have this heart condition anymore?”

She sat up, careful to avoid using her left shoulder. “Exactly.”

“When’s your birthday?” he demanded.

“In a few weeks.”

“I want the date Kass. I need to know so that I can make sure you’re taken care of until then.”

The padded room that popped into her head definitely wasn’t her idea but Kass didn’t have to look far to know where it had come from and the questions continued rising. “I’m not going into a padded cell Wyatt.” The words were simple but the determination behind them clear and Wyatt shook his head in dismay.

“It’ll be the perfect place for you, just until you’re safe.”

“I’ve spent years avoiding being put into a cage, I’m not going to let myself be locked up now. The only way you’re getting me into a room like that is by force. Are you going to force me into that room Wyatt?”

Gulping, he glanced down at her throat. The bruises were slowly turning from red to purple and the mottled colours made the injury look so much worse. He’d never realised how large his hands were until he saw his fingertips spanning nearly her entire neck. There was no way he was going to do anything to force her anywhere. “Damn,” he swore. “Fine, no padded room but I’m not letting you out of my sight until your birthday so when is it?”

“The sixth of July. Now that I’ve told you can we get out of here? I hate hospitals.” She sneezed. “They smell funny.”

Laughing, Wyatt helped Kass to her feet. “I thought it was just me.”

Resting her head against the solid strength of his arms she let his scent relax her. “Nope, there are more of us out there than you’d think.”

Despite the fact he hated hospitals, moving wasn’t high on Wyatt’s list of priorities. Having Kass snuggled so closely against him was heaven and he wasn’t going to sacrifice it so quickly. My mate in my arms…heaven.

Kass tensed as soon as the words brushed along the corridors of her mind and pulled away from Wyatt. “I don’t know how I could have ever forgotten but we can’t go anywhere until you tell me what it is you’re doing traipsing around in my head. This isn’t normal.”

Trying to resist the urge to laugh, Wyatt bit his lip hard. It was clear his Kass was trying to be commanding but she looked more cute than threatening. Her eyes were sparkling, her cheeks flushed and her lips twisted into an appealing pout. He might not know much about her but he knew enough to keep silent about her failed attempt to look fierce. “It might not be normal but it certainly isn’t my fault.”

“But you said we were mates…”

“We are.” His hands reached for her but he pulled them back quickly realising if he grabbed her as he’d wanted to he could leave more marks on her fragile skin. His hands balled into impotent fists at his sides and he fought to keep them there. “We are mates, never doubt that. But most mates don’t talk like this, they aren’t that lucky. The only people I know who can hear each other’s thoughts are my uncle Tobias and aunt Alexandria.” This, this is your doing.

Me! she shrieked, appalled by the very idea.

“Maybe it’s because you’re not human but you’re not a wolf either. Aunt Alex is a witch and you’re a phoenix…that’s the only explanation.”

“And what if I don’t want you wandering around in my head?”

“As far as I’m aware there’s nothing that can stop this. But…” He stepped forward and cupped her cheek. Why would you want to stop this? He pushed an image of their kiss into her head and watched as her cheeks coloured, her breath becoming short as she remembered what it had felt like to have his lips pressed against hers. Pulling back before her heart raced out of control, Wyatt smiled at how pliant her body had become. She didn’t even put up a fight as he guided her out of the infirmary and into the main hall. Kass might not see how amazing it was to have such a strong connection but he’d work hard to convince her otherwise.

Stumbling out of her memory Kass found herself in what was clearly not an infirmary. People rushed about, talking loudly, smiling and laughing as they wandered along the oversized corridor. Her eyes widened as she took in the vaulted ceilings, the thick slabs of stone that made up the walls and the plush carpet underfoot. Wherever she was screamed wealth from the top of its lungs and she immediately felt out of place. “You live here?” Disbelief dripped from her every word.

“I used to, I don’t anymore. I’m taking you home now.”

Stunned, Kass couldn’t help but try to take in even more of her surroundings and the more she saw, the less she understood. If she’d lived here someone would have to pry her away with a crowbar and chain her down in her new home. She’d never leave it willingly. “You left? Why?”

A quick glance reminded him exactly why he’d chosen to leave here as soon as he could. Some things never changed and the happiness on the faces of everyone around him would have been just as painful now as it was all those years ago except he had his mate with him now. Things were different, he was different. “There are too many mated couples here. I couldn’t take it and so I left to be alone.”

Her heart sunk in disappointment. “So mating isn’t a good thing then?”

“Mating is amazing,” Wyatt immediately contradicted, stopping in his tracks and forcing her to look at him. “It’s the most wonderful thing in the world. Nothing could be more natural, more soul changing than being with your mate.”

“If it’s so wonderful then why did you leave?”

“Because I didn’t have my mate. Emily was lost to me and being here was driving me crazy. I thought if I left I’d be able to stay sane. I should have known better. All I did was slow down the process.”

Wrapped up in Wyatt’s words, Kass didn’t realise where he was leading her until the sun’s rays practically blinded her. Eyes watering, she blinked quickly trying to adjust and only letting light in through small gaps in her fingertips. Long moments passed but she slowly moved her hands away from her face, gasping in shock when she looked at the forest that surrounded them. Awestruck, she stumbled away from Wyatt as though in a trance, stopping only when her palm rested against the hard bark of a tree.

“Amazing,” she mumbled to herself.

“You like the woods?”

Her hand still against the tree trunk, Kass turned back to look at Wyatt. “I guess so. I’ve never been in a forest before but I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve never even climbed a tree before or gone for a run through the woods.”

The idea of never running free in the forest was appalling to Wyatt and he could feel his wolf rising not pleased that the experience had been denied to his mate. “Why not?”

“Cities are safer.” Her voice was barely above a whisper as she let her fingertips run over the uneven surface of the tree, marvelling at its size. “Forests and woods are generally near small towns and small towns want to know everything about you. Cities are a great place to get lost in and with Ethan constantly looking for me I needed to keep my head down. It was best that I was invisible. I’ve spent my whole life trying to fade into the background, trying to make it so no one noticed me.” Harsh laughter fell from her lips and her nails dug into the tree trunk with such force that her nails threatened to shatter under the strain. “I’ve been hiding and running my whole life…it’s not much of a life when you think about it but with Ethan constantly looking for me I didn’t have much of a choice.”

Boxing her in with his body, Wyatt joined their hands and kissed her hair softly. “He’s not a problem for you anymore. You don’t have to live your life according to what he will or won’t notice. You want to climb a tree? I’ll teach you. You want to go running in the woods then let’s go now. Whatever it is, we can do it Kass…together.”

“And why should I trust you anymore than Ethan?”

“Because I’m your mate.”

“You still haven’t explained to me what that is.”

Pulling back Wyatt sighed and ran a hand through the long strands of his hair. Risking a glance at Kass he began pacing. Words had never been his strong suit and they were failing him now. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. It was meant to be easy. Find your mate, claim them, live happily ever after. Why was fate so intent on making him suffer? “A mate is everything. Werewolves only get one and without them our lives are pretty meaningless. You’re the better half of my soul and it’s only with you that I can be complete. You never have to worry about me hurting you; I’d tear out my own heart before I let you get hurt. If anyone wants to hurt you then they’ll have to kill me first because I know what it’s like to go through life without a mate, it’s not worth living. I’m never going back to that.”

“No offence Wyatt but how can you expect me to believe that when you’ve already done so much.” She ran her fingers over the ugly bruises at her throat, silently reminding him of just what he’d done to her.

His pacing got worse at the reminder. “I wasn’t thinking straight. I couldn’t recognise you for what you are.”

“We’d never met before that night in the diner of course you wouldn’t recognise me.”

“Wolves recognise their mate’s by their scent. You smelt like my mate but you didn’t look like Emily. I was confused. It’s what happens when a wolf is separated from their mate for too long. I wasn’t in the right state of mind. I’m probably still broken but like I said before, I’ll get better. Now that I know who you are…now that we’re together things can only get better.”

“This all sounds a bit far fetched Wyatt.”

“Any more than you being a phoenix with a psychopath trying to cut your heart out?”

“You make a good point but you’ve seen Ethan. You know exactly what he’s like. How can I believe any of what you’re saying? I’m much more open minded than your ordinary person about what may or may not be out there but I’ve never seen a werewolf Wyatt and you’ve admitted yourself that you’re not quite right in the head…”

His pacing stopped abruptly and he quickly closed the distance between them. “I can show you. If I do, you promise to stay with me.”

“I don’t know you Wyatt.”

Undeterred by her words Wyatt smiled. “Not yet but pretty soon you will and you’re going to love me.”

“Is that so?”

Utterly confident, Wyatt’s smile widened. “Yes.”

“I’m not promising to stay forever.”

“Until your birthday at the very least. I need to make sure that you survive until you’re twenty seven. Wolves are immortal and as long as you keep coming back to me I can give you time…well I can give you a little time anyway.”

“Fine, you prove that you’re being honest and I’ll stay here until my birthday. If you want me to stay after that then you’re going to have to do something pretty damned special.”

“I’m up to the challenge.”

She stuck out her hand in the age old gesture of agreement but was shocked when his lips crashed down against hers, stealing her wits and all thoughts of leaving his side. He pulled back quickly, aware of her heart picking up speed. He didn’t think his heart could take it if she passed out again. ”I’ve been without my mate too long to shake hands. If I were you, I’d get used to being kissed because I’m going to kiss you every chance I get.”

Clutching her chest, Kass struggled to keep her limbs from trembling. The kiss had only lasted a few seconds but it felt like her entire centre of gravity had shifted. Touching her still tingling lips, she had to fight the temptation to lean back in and kiss him herself. “My heart…”

“I’ll take care of it. There’s no one alive more aware of your health than me. I can feel when it’s getting too much for you and I think I’ve proved that if push comes to shove I can keep your heart in check.” He kissed her again and took a quick step back. “This’ll be done before you know it. Take a deep breath and remember that no matter what I look like I’m not going to hurt you.”

Rolling her eyes, Kass stood back and waited. Shock couldn’t even begin to describe how she felt as she watched Wyatt’s bones twist out of shape, fur erupt from his smooth skin and his body contort as he fell to his knees. His kissable lips vanished as his jaw lengthened, deadly fangs erupting in his mouth. His spine bowed as his body changed from walking on two legs to stalking on four and when thick black fur covered his body the transformation was complete.

This isn’t possible. Wolves aren’t as big as horses and men don’t change into wolves. I’m seeing things. His crazy must be contagious because none of this is possible.

She watched as he took a step closer and she instinctively took a step back. When the pain of bumping her injured shoulder into a tree hit her, she knew that what she’d witnessed was no dream. Convinced it must have taken an eternity for a man to become a wolf, Kass felt another wave of surprise hit her when Wyatt’s arms wrapped around her body.


His voice was deeper now, rougher as though he wasn’t used to using it and it was clear to her that whatever he’d changed into was lingering, just waiting for a chance to come to the fore.

“Kass, you need to breathe.”

She could see his mouth moving but she couldn’t hear the words over the roaring in her ears. Nothing was getting through until he gripped her arms hard and forced her to focus.

“Damn it Kass, you’re going to breathe and you’re going to do it now otherwise you’re going to pass out. Do you understand me? Now breathe.”

She sucked in a staggering breath and her legs almost gave out beneath her but Wyatt’s strong grip kept her standing.

“You…you’re…you’re a wolf.”

Swinging her up into his arms, Wyatt pressed her close, needing the reassurance of touch after another close call. “I did warn you.”

“Maybe you should have given me a stronger warning.”

“So that you could have a heart attack? No thank you. It doesn’t matter now. I did what you wanted; I showed you my other half. Now you have to keep your end of the deal.”


“Don’t try and act like you don’t remember. You’re staying with me until your birthday. That’s what we agreed.”

“But that was before.”

Her disagreement was pulling the wolf forward and Wyatt could feel his control slipping. His claws were itching to get out, his fangs desperate to sink into flesh. His whole body shuddered with effort as he tried to keep his human form. He might not want to hurt Kass, his wolf would never set out to do it, but his track record wasn’t good and he wasn’t taking any chances with her safety. The sooner she accepted their bargain, the safer they both would be. “Before what?”

“Before you showed me that you can turn into something that could eat me for breakfast.”

His amber eyes darkened. “Trust me, I have every intention of eating you for breakfast. And lunch and dinner.” He licked his lips as his eyes wandered over her body, silently imagining what every inch of her skin tasted like. “But I doubt it’s in the way you’re thinking of.”

Her skin flushed darker with every word. It was easy to tell what he was talking about from the heated look in his eyes. Her treacherous nipples tightened in anticipation and her sex clenched in eagerness. It should be illegal to have a voice that sexy. It’s not fair to the entire female population.

A feral smile came to Wyatt’s lips. It’s not the entire female population I’m concerned with. There’s only one woman who’s worthy of my attention and I have her right here in my arms. Where she’s supposed to be.

“Stay out of my head Wyatt.”

“Why? I know you want me there. I can feel it in my bones. You want this, you want me.” She had to; he couldn’t have it any other way.

Pursing her lips, Kass refused to give him a response and fought to keep her mind blank. He didn’t need to know how right he was.

“Hold on tight Kass.”


“You said you wanted to go for a run in the woods. It’s my pleasure to do whatever it is you need.” Tensing the muscles in his legs he took of at a dead sprint.

Amazement wound through Kass as the world exploded into a kaleidoscope of vibrant swirling colours. The speed that Wyatt was running at was incredible but her mind could barely process it as she tried hard to look at the scenery rushing past. It was amazing and she could feel her heart begin to pound and for the first time in a long time it didn’t leave her breathless and on the verge of collapse. Content, she dug her fingers into the corded strength of Wyatt’s arms and let the growl that followed sooth her. This was heaven and she didn’t want to leave. As soon as she called Charlie and told him she was safe, she fully intended to explore this thing with Wyatt. He thought she was his mate and with the way her body and mind responded to him so easily she had a sneaking feeling he might be right. When they stopped, disappointment welled inside her. She never wanted their run to end.

Chuckling as he slid Kass down his body, Wyatt slid his hands through her hair, groaning as the soft strands tickled his senses. “Don’t worry, I’ll take you again.”

Eyes sparkling with hope, Kass turned to him. “Really?”

“Of course. Anything that makes you happy makes me happy.”

The pure emotion in those few words was unnerving. The things Wyatt felt for her weren’t normal and while she’d love to think he truly cared for her, Kass knew better. He was in love with Emily, not her. Forcing herself to smile she accepted the sad truth of their situation. She’d stay with him until her birthday, he’d more than proven he could protect her from Ethan, but then she’d have to leave. Emily and her might have shared the same soul but they weren’t the same people and she wanted someone who loved her for her. There might never be another man who loved with the same intensity as Wyatt but she couldn’t live her life, her immortal life, as second best.

“So you live here?” she asked, changing the subject to one that she could better cope with.

His smile widened as he nodded. His eyes roamed over the wooden cabin that had been his home since he was a child and for the first time in a long time he felt comforted by being at home. The wooden structure was nowhere near as lavish as the castle they’d just left but it was home. “Yeah, come on, I’ll show you around.”

Taking her hand firmly within his, Wyatt led her inside, eager to show her his home but as soon as he opened the door he realised he’d made a mistake. The whole place was a shrine to Emily. The walls were covered in photographs of her that had once made his heart clench in pain. He’d hoarded the few things that she’d left behind, cherishing each one and holding them close to his chest as he’d fought to find peace. He turned to look at Kass slowly; her reaction wasn’t going to be a good one.

Staring into familiar eyes, Kass felt her heart plummet. Even though she’d accepted Wyatt’s love was for Emily she hadn’t expected to be confronted with the harsh reality so soon. She’d hope to bask in his warmth for a little while longer. “So that’s Emily.”

“Yeah.” A sad smile came to his face but he didn’t feel the urge to stroke Emily’s likeness as he normally did, there was no point. Emily was gone but he had Kass now.

“You must have really loved her.” With the torrent of emotions of rolling through her Kass was surprised her voice came out so steady. She felt like crying. She had no claim to Wyatt, she barely knew the man but her heart broke all the same at the thought of him loving someone else. Steeling herself for his response she waited for the final nail to be placed in the coffin of her heart.

“I loved the idea of her. This Emily,” he waved to the photographs on the walls. “This Emily, I never met.”

Brows creasing in disbelief, Kass spun round to look at Wyatt her voice ready to extract the truth. No one felt so strongly about a woman they’d never met. Men didn’t lose their sanity over just pictures of a woman. “What do you mean you never met her? You said you loved her.” The purity in her voice demanded the truth, would be satisfied with nothing less and she waited expectantly for the words he’d just said to vanish under her influence.

“I met Emily when I was a kid. She was five I was fifteen.”

Shock mingled with disgust as soon as the words hit her ears and Kass tried to pull back, tried to separate herself from Wyatt’s warm touch. There was a lot she was willing to tolerate but this wasn’t one of them. Her struggles didn’t even seem to register as his grip on her hand remained steadfast and unmovable but for the first time his unbelievable strength was tempered. Despite her struggles he didn’t hurt her.

“It’s not what you think. Wolves age differently to humans. She was five and so was I. I may have been more savvy than your average five year old but I thought, felt and looked like I was her age.” Pulling her over to the sofa, he sat down and guided her down with him. Shuddering in pleasure as her soft curves pressed so closely against him, Wyatt fought to remember how to speak. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he ran his fingers through the strands, needing to touch her desperately. “My aunt Alex is human and she thought that we’d isolated ourselves too long and that if we wanted to find more mates we should look for them outside of the clans. There were no wars anymore, no hunters trying to exterminate us. We were at peace and with how long we live and how many children we have that meant there were a lot of males without mates. It wasn’t hard for her to get people to agree with her. She’s queen and Tobias, the king, is known for doing serious damage to people who hurt her. She decided that children should go to school with humans so that they could really function in the world outside and that’s when I met Emily.

“I saw her on my first day at school and it was like getting struck by lightning. What I felt for her in that second…” He groaned, recalling how his heart had raced, his chest constricted and his life forever altered. “I didn’t understand it, my mind couldn’t understand it but my wolf knew we’d found our mate. I was like her second shadow throughout elementary school. Anywhere she went I had to go too.”

A shadow came over his face and Kass could feel the depths of his sadness even without him speaking. She quickly decided she didn’t like what he was feeling. She could cope with her own sadness, she was used to it by now, but his was intolerable. It felt like a weight had been dumped onto her chest and it was sucking all the life out of her. “What happened?”

“She grew up and I didn’t. I couldn’t stay with her anymore. When we’re kids, we don’t age like normal children. I was twenty but I had the body of a seven year old. If I’d tried to stay I would have exposed us. Going to human school only made me more aware how little humans tolerate difference, especially if that difference is better in some way. From then on I only got to see her once, maybe twice, a year and I wasn’t allowed to speak to her or touch her.” His grip on her tightened and he breathed in Kass’ lush fragrance almost overwhelmed by the simple pleasure of being able to do just the opposite now. I could only take pictures and wait to track her down in a few months. It was never easy finding her but I could always manage it. There was always a trace of her left behind and her scent was permanently engraved in my mind. Even if she left the country I’d be able to find her eventually. One year I couldn’t find her at all. No scent, no trace left behind, nothing.”

There was raw emotion in his words and Kass’ heart broke for him. It must be hard to be so close to someone when they don’t even know you exist and then to lose them…

It wasn’t hard. It was maddening. “After shadowing her for so long I was an expert in tracking her down but no matter how hard or how long I looked, I couldn’t find her. There was only one reason to explain why I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t alive for me to find.” The hands around her tightened even further threatening to cut off Kass’ supply of oxygen. He might have lost Emily but he’d been given a second chance with Kass and he wasn’t going to lose her. “The day I realised I wasn’t going to find her my life ended. I knew there was no point in trying to go on. I tried to join her.”

Stunned, Kass sucked in a ragged breath. It would be a travesty for the world to lose a man like Wyatt. Resentment building in her chest, Kass forced herself to try and breathe normally even as her hands balled into fists. Violence was never the answer but she’d never wanted to hurt Ethan more than in that moment. She knew exactly what had happened to Emily and Ethan was responsible. Hurting her was one thing; ruining Wyatt’s life was another. “I’m glad you didn’t manage it.” The tight-lipped words were all she could manage and considering the fact she was seeing red she thought her voice remained surprisingly calm.

“Not through a lack of trying,” he scoffed. “My family stopped me. They tried to convince me that Emily wasn’t my mate. They kept telling me that I was too young to have known what it felt like to have a mate, that my wolf had made a mistake but I knew better. It was hopeless but they didn’t want me to join her. There were so many people trying to convince me that I’d find my real mate, trying to convince me that life was still worth living.”

Kass saw red. Her life flashed before her eyes and she saw every near miss, every near death experience. Her whole life was a fight for survival, that people could have such little value for their lives was maddening. “Of course they didn’t want you to die!” She yelled, her blue eyes flashing with anger. “People fall in and out of love everyday. One person isn’t worth dying for especially when she didn’t even know you existed.”

Her words made his hackles rise. It was like talking to Dylan all over again. “You don’t understand. No one who hasn’t lost their mate can ever understand! Everyday that I spent without her pushed me that little further into madness. I was constantly at war with myself. My wolf howled until my ears bled, he snarled until I lashed out at everyone and he drove me mad with wanting her. Look at me. Do you think someone who was sane would have done what I’ve done to you?” He groaned, running his hands through his hair as his agitation increased. “This is the longest time I’ve spent as a human for years. After I left the castle, I spent years in the woods as a wolf because that was the only way I could cope. If I hadn’t met you I’d still be there. A life without a mate wasn’t a life at all. Dylan and Erica were both mad to think otherwise.” The hardness in his face slipped away as he began to smile. “I might not have liked what they did and it did make me crazy but I’m grateful to them now.”


“Because I found you. My mind isn’t right otherwise I would have recognised you straight away but with time I can get better. I promise.”

Though she was sorely tempted to just relax into his embrace at the sweetness of his words, Kass forced her body to remain tense. Life was important, something to be protected above all and if he couldn’t see that then they were going to have a problem. “And what if something happened to me? What if I died?”

His whole demeanour changed in a flash. He bared his teeth; the sharp canines ready to tear flesh. The amber that had dulled returned in force, his eyes once again wild with a feral intensity. His voice when he spoke was barely human and Kass instinctively put her hand against her throat trying to protect herself from the inevitable fallout. “Nothing is going to happen to you,” he roared. “I’m going to protect you. I’ll keep you safe. Nothing will come between us and survive. I’ll kill anyone that even thinks about hurting you.”

“Wyatt, you’re scaring me.”

He ran the back of his hand against her cheek carefully, all too conscious of the razor sharp nails that could so easily slice through her tender skin. “You have nothing to be scared of mate. I’d tear my own arm off before I raised a hand against you.”

“You don’t need to go that far. Just promise me that if something happens to me you’ll forget about me and go on with your life. Even if I die now I’ll come back, just like Emily.”

“No!” he snarled. “I can’t lose you.”

Words continued to flow from her lips spurred on by the treacherous voice at the back of her mind that reminded her Wyatt was only interested in her because of Emily. “If I die you might get someone who’s more like Emily the next time I’m reincarnated. That’s what you want isn’t it? You want someone like her.” She pointed to the photo of the Amazonian like woman hanging on the wall. “You don’t want someone like me. It’ll be better that way.”

Snarling as his blood boiled and his wolf surged to the surface, Wyatt leapt to his feet leaving a stunned Kass to bounce on the sofa alone as he strode over to where an enormous photograph was. Glancing at his nails, he forced them to grow into deadly weapons and shredded the image until nothing but tatters remained. Chest heaving he turned to look at Kass stunned anew at just how perfect his mate was. Emily had been beautiful but Kass…Kass was perfection. “No it won’t. I thought I loved Emily. Now I know that I didn’t. My heart didn’t beat for her the way it does for you. Now that I’ve touched you, kissed you, held you in my arms I know that no one else will do. You’re my mate. Even if you came back again and again, it wouldn’t be you.” Emotion overwhelming him, he staggered back to her and fell to his knees. “What I felt for Emily is nothing compared to what I feel for you. I let people persuade me to keep living without Emily but I know that I wouldn’t even manage a day if you weren’t in the world anymore. I’d follow you in a heartbeat. You Kass, you’re my obsession and I’m not giving you up.”

Words of protest began to form on her lips but Wyatt silenced her with a kiss before they could be spoken. Intense didn’t even begin to describe how hard he devoured her mouth. It was like he was trying to climb into her body through her parted lips. His lips clashed against hers with bruising force, his hands ran through her hair keeping her close as his tongue duelled with hers trying to force her submission. The fight was over before it begun. Relaxing into his kiss, Kass let the intensity of his emotions roll through her body and felt her heart lurch. He meant every word he’d spoken and the reality of that made her body limp. As the need for air waged war with her need to keep kissing him, Kass was almost overwhelmed with the reality of her situation. Wyatt really would do anything to protect her even if that meant giving up his own life. Her life was now inextricably bound to another’s and for the first time in a long time she felt hopeful about her chances for survival. She’d fought hard to live before but now she’d be relentless. Wyatt deserved to live.

And you deserve to be loved.

His voice crept along the halls of her mind all the more intimate for how completely it merged with her thoughts. She shivered, throwing her hands around his neck and rubbing her tongue sensuously against his as she savoured his minty taste.

Don’t worry Kass; I’ll take care of everything. I’ll love you harder than any man ever could.

She had no doubt of that and though her heart would probably not thank her for it she was going to let this man, this wolf, into her life. It was the very least she could do as she suspected he was already worming his way steadily into her heart.



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